New Move-to-Earn Crypto Fight Out to Outperform STEPN, GMT and FitFi Token?



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The new M2E initiative Fight Out tracks a user’s activities in addition to their steps, which is a significant distinction from other fitness apps. In order for individuals to view their exercises in a different perspective and find them more enjoyable, Fight Out intends to make workout more like a game.

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The full Fight Out crypto presale update in the video above, follow his YouTube channel for more potential crypto presale updates.

FGHT Token Presale The Best Selling M2E Crypto

The presale of Fight Out has raised $4.4 million. The price of one FGHT token is currently $0.023. In order to attract more early investors, Fight Out has unveiled a revised incentive program during its high-potential presale, increasing the potential bonus for those who buy early by as much as 67% by using FGHT tokens.

The team also decided that all investors can buy tokens without having to vest them, and that existing investors will get an additional 10% of FGHT tokens as an airdrop. Now is the best time to purchase FGHT token before their value increases further. Guide on how to buy FGHT token here.

The coin will be listed on Uniswap, BitForex, Chagelly Pro, LBank, BKEX Global and DigiFinex, all of which have expressed interest in the project and have previously indicated they will do so, but precise listing dates and time have yet to be announced.

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What Sets Fight Out Apart From Other Fitness Platforms?

Fight Out is actively developing a Web3 fitness ecosystem with the goal of motivating users to stick to their workout schedules by rewarding them with cryptocurrency. This is something that existing Move-to-Earn platforms like STEPN, Step App, and Sweat Economy have already done to some extent.

Both platforms encourage users to move by rewarding them with crypto for GPS-tracked movements. Nevertheless, Fight Out’s platform will take a more all-encompassing approach to monitoring workout, allowing users to earn rewards for various exercise kinds other than running and walking, and doesn’t demand any expensive investment to participate.

Fight Out will be able to track all types of exercise activity using in-gym sensors, wearable technology, and mobile phones. Also, Fight Out will provide live and on-demand fitness classes that may be taken online or at Fight Out gyms.

Real gyms are being built by this ecosystem in strategic areas across the world, and it is negotiating with trainers and professional fighters to serve as brand ambassadors and offer masterclass-style training materials.


Fight Out (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

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