Hong Kong Plans for Massive Crypto Investment. Could This Push Metacade’s Token Sales Further on Uniswap and Other Crypto Exchanges?



Hong Kong has received a massive boost in its bid to overtake Singapore to become the world’s leading crypto hub. The government hit crypto market news headlines with its plans to let retail investors in Hong Kong City trade digital tokens such as Bitcoin and Ether. Also, this follows hot on the heels of the crypto market news that more than 20 crypto companies are outlining their intentions to move operations to Hong Kong in response to increasing levels of regulation from US authorities.

Market analysts are speculating whether this huge crypto investment in Hong Kong could push the token sales of the pioneering GameFi platform, Metacade, even higher after successfully listing its new token MCADE on Uniswap earlier this month. Bitmart and MEXC are due to list MCADE in the next few weeks, which begs the question, just how high can MCADE go?

How high can MCADE go in 2023?

Crypto market news outlets were captured when the MCADE token presale raised $16.35 million in record time. Also noteworthy, MCADE listed on Uniswap at $0.022 after its beta presale phase started at just $0.008, providing significant returns for early investors. Experts believe that MCADE will continue to make ground as it reaches a broader audience through its imminent listings on Bitsmart and MEXC, respectively, during April and May 2023.

In addition, Metacade has just announced an exciting partnership with MetaStudio, which, in combination with the platform’s exciting road map, extensive token utility, and transition toward becoming a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) already in motion, looks set to push MCADE beyond the $0.50 barrier by the end of 2023. Reaching these potential price targets would represent gains of more than 20x for investors purchasing tokens in the early stages of its public listings.

What is Metacade?

Metacade has made no secret of its ambitions to be a leading light in revolutionizing the GameFi landscape by building the world’s largest play-to-earn (P2E) gaming arcade, allowing users to earn while pursuing their passion for gaming. To achieve this, Metacade will create a thriving community of gaming enthusiasts, developers, and crypto fans while catering to a vast range of gaming interests to maximize the platform’s total addressable market (TAM).

To this end, Metacade has set itself the task of building the world’s largest selection of gaming titles to help the project gain greater recognition within the crypto mainstream and grow its user base. To use Metacade, all users will require the MCADE token to access the platform’s various features while delivering outstanding utility to coin holders. This utility is a significant reason for building excitement regarding the platform, making it such an exciting crypto investment opportunity that it is making headlines among crypto market news outlets.

Metacade’s whitepaper has gained plenty of praise from GameFi experts thanks to its comprehensive project plans, which underline the outstanding decision-making skills provided by the expert and verified Metacade project team. Part of the strategic plan that makes MCADE such an enticing crypto investment is the devolution of power to the community, which will see Metacade become a DAO by the end of 2024.

This community-led governance will add value to MCADE, which already has plenty of utility inbuilt, such as that provided by the platform’s comprehensive rewards system that goes beyond the norm in the GameFi sector. For example, users will be incentivized to build community by receiving rewards for posting social content, such as game reviews, to the platform.

How does MCADE work?

The native MCADE coin is the currency to drive Metacade’s ecosystem, from powering the rewards system to providing the medium of exchange for transactions on the platform. Another advantage is that the total supply of MCADE tokens is limited to just 2 billion, which experts predict will increase buying pressure as the platform’s user base grows.

Most excitingly, MCADE provides the stimulus for one of Metacade’s most innovative programs that encourages the creation of new games exclusively on the platform, driving user retention to unprecedented levels and increasing the user base. Also, the Metagrants scheme offers crypto funding to game developers who want support to create new games. Each concept enters into a pool before being voted on by the MCADE coin-holding community, illustrating a crucial part of Metacade’s move toward community-led governance. The most popular ideas receive a grant from the platform’s central treasury, helping the concept become a reality.

Is MCADE a good crypto investment?

MCADE has captured the imagination of several experts within crypto market news outlets, with all signs pointing toward it being an excellent crypto investment for the intelligent investor in the short, medium, and long term. Moreover, even in its early guise, Metacade outstrips many GameFi competitors with its multi-game library and gaming experiences, placing it well to become a potential leader in the burgeoning crypto-gaming sector.

Metacade is in its infancy and has many exciting features to roll out in the coming months. The exciting crypto market news, such as the support for crypto investment in Hong Kong, gives MCADE an optimum chance to establish itself as one of the best crypto investment choices for 2023.

Stay informed about when MCADE lists on Bitmart and MEXC exchanges by following Metacade’s Twitter page.

You can find more information, including on how to buy MCADE, here.


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