Worldcoin Migration Drives Optimism Transaction Volume



Optimism is seeing an uptick in transaction volume after Worldcoin revealed plans to migrate to its mainnet. According to Etherscan data, the daily transaction count on Optimism Mainnet surpassed 600,000 twice in July.

Data from L2Beat also shows that the layer2 network processed 15.95 million transactions in the last 30 days, averaging 6.12 transactions per second daily.

Optimism Transaction Data
Optimism Transaction Count (Source: L2Beat)

Worldcoin Migrates to OP Mainnet

Optimism’s transaction volume increase coincided with its recent adoption by Worldcoin. Earlier this week, the Sam Altman-backed crypto project announced the transition of World ID and World App to the OP Mainnet.

Following the migration of the underlying technology, user migration has now started. The transition means the Worldcoin protocol is now on Ethereum with bridges for Optimism and Polygon POS. Most of its Safe wallets have been deployed to Optimism, and the World App now supports Uniswap on the OP mainnet.

According to the Worldcoin Foundation, “bringing World ID to the OP Mainnet has the potential to strengthen the capabilities of Optimism’s Citizens’ House.”

Worldcoin stated that the migration was part of efforts to bring the Superchain to life. Optimism Superchain is a network of L2 chains, known as OP Chains, which share security, a communication layer, and an open-source technology stack.

Other Developments Within Optimism’s Ecosystem

Meanwhile, Optimism is also set to have several developments within its ecosystem. Two proposals by O(1) Labs and RISC Zero to implement zero-knowledge proof systems for the OP chains have been approved.

This move means that the network will soon have its own ZKP layers similar to developments on Polygon and ZKSync.

The network is also scaling its governance to achieve the goals of capturing resistance and resource allocation. This will see the introduction of The Token House and Citizens’ House and new mechanisms to manage its revenue.

POMP app also launched on Optimism during the week. Users can now verify proof of ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and OP assets on OP Mainnet without revealing their wallet information. 

The positive developments within the Optimism ecosystem have caused OP’s price to rise. The token is up 25% in the past 14 days and rose by 2.08% in the last 24 hours to $1.55 at the time of writing, according to BeInCrypto data.


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