Victoria VR Set to Launch First Metaverse Experience on Apple’s Vision Pro Headset



Virtual reality developer Victoria VR has announced plans to release the first ever metaverse experience designed specifically for Apple’s newly launched Vision Pro headset. Slated for launch in Q2 2024, Victoria VR aims to usher in a new era of ultra-realistic and immersive gameplay fueled by blockchain technology.


Victoria VR is releasing the first metaverse app for Apple’s new Vision Pro headset in Q2 2024, featuring ultra-realistic graphics and immersive gameplay
The Victoria VR metaverse will showcase the capabilities of the Vision Pro while highlighting Web3 technology
Victoria VR’s metaverse is fueled by the ERC-20 based VR token, which rewards users for engagement and locks up half of in-game revenue to redistribute
The VR token price surged 60% in the last 24 hours to a $103 million market cap after the Vision Pro app announcement
Victoria VR aims to make its metaverse inclusive and accessible using a “pay-to-speed” model rather than “pay-to-win”

Crafted over two years by a 80-person development team in Prague, Victoria VR leverages the advanced display and tracking capabilities of the Vision Pro to transport users into stunning VR environments centered around the concept of Feng Shui. Players can acquire virtual land plots as NFTs and freely design lavish interiors and exteriors tied to their blockchain wallet.

Central to Victoria VR is its ERC-20 VR governance token, which powers participation incentives and the in-game economy. Active users and stakers will be rewarded from a pool funded by 50% of revenue from in-game NFT sales. This unique tokenomics design aims to drive engagement while preventing “pay-to-win” dynamics.

The VR token has already attracted strong interest, seeing 24-hour trading volume over $100 million immediately after its IDO. Speculation around the Vision Pro app has now sent VR surging 60% in the past day to a market capitalization of $103 million.

For Apple, the Victoria VR app represents its first foray into the potentially lucrative metaverse space, positioning Vision Pro as an alternative to Meta’s established Meta Quest headset. While companies like Disney have recently scaled back their metaverse investments, Victoria VR sees strong potential in blending VR technology with blockchain rewards.

Indeed, Victoria VR appears uniquely poised to showcase the promise of Web3 integration with augmented reality. And with crypto adoption steadily rising, Victoria VR’s model of incentivizing participation could make its metaverse radically more engaging than existing alternatives while upholding principles of accessibility and inclusion.

Of course, questions remain around VR hardware adoption and Victoria VR’s ability to retain users long-term. The staggering $4.6 billion 2023 operating loss posted by Meta’s Reality Labs segment shows the challenges of profitability, even for metaverse first-movers.

Still, by aligning itself with Apple’s walled garden ecosystem from the outset, Victoria VR is betting it can leapfrog incumbent platforms by tapping into the world’s most valuable brand community. If this gambit pays off, Victoria VR could emerge as the first genuinely mainstream and self-sustaining metaverse underpinned by blockchain rewards.


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