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Most cryptocurrencies are still trading in the red, in reaction to the U.S. consumer confidence that rose to an eight-month high. Terran Coin coin price is trading above a key support level, but it has lost some of the gains it made yesterday as a result of battling a key resistance level.

The narrative is similar for other crypto projects, which have had an equally harsh 2022 after hitting record highs in late 2021, buffeted by phenomena such as the Fed’s monetary tightening policy, and the implosions of giant players like the Terra/Luna ecosystem, hedge fund 3AC, and most recently, crypto exchange FTX.

As of Thursday, December 22, Terran Coin (TRR) is trading at $1.66 according to data from TradingView and CoinGecko, up 5.1% in the last 24 hours. TRR currently has a live market cap of $38.16 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $409,555, 8.7% less than the volume recorded in the previous trading day.

Terran Coin Ecosystem Explores The Opportunity To Establish A DAO

Terra Coin is the native token for the Terran project, a blockchain platform targeted at enhancing the efficiency of sending, receiving, and trading crypto. The project is committed to offering enhanced services to its user community by leveraging a public blockchain for smart contracts.

The project offers a solution to some of the most vital issues currently plaguing the blockchain space, including bringing a myriad of off-chain and cross-chain solutions to deliver highly scalable and flexible experiences to its users. Among those who will benefit from the Terran platform include its global community comprised of developers, merchants, and investors.

The most recent development of the Terran ecosystem revolves around current discussions about establishing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will enable users to participate decisions affecting the functioning and future development of the project.

The move makes TRR a governance token, prompting the Terran Chain to step up as the ideal choice for NFT communities seeking to migrate to a more stable platform. If the network establishes its own DAO, users will be able to transfer non-fungible token (NFT)-related projects effortlessly by leveraging the Terran network.

At the core of the Terran ecosystem is simplicity, enabling an entry-level blockchain user experience for anyone venturing into the NFT space. As such, the DAO move is part of Terran’s commitment to strengthening the concept of NFT as a business for every individual. By using its own blockchain, Terran’s NFT Minting platform is made user-friendly and efficient, enabling users to kick-start their NFT business easily, and owing to its many unique features, Terran is a one-stop shop for doing business with NFTs.

Terran Coin Price Needs To Rise above $2.0 To Sustain The Uptrend

Terran Coin price recorded a bullish trading session on Wednesday, December 21, flashing a long green candlestick as bulls dominated the market by building from the previous day’s (Tuesday) gains. However, the current sentiment is bearish with some of the ground covered yesterday lost and as the token trades in a second bearish 12-hour trading session as shown on the chart below.

TRR/USD 12-Hour Chart

TradingView Chart: TRR/USD

TRR price is trading above the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) at $1.58. The strength index (RSI) was positioned in the positive region and the price strength at 58 suggested that there were more buyers than sellers in the market.

As such, the Terran Coin price may turn up from the current level to confront immediate resistance from the $1.76 level, embraced by the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level. TRR price also faces strong resistance at the $2.0 psychological level (embraced by the 38.2% Fibonacci level), which has proven to be a key hurdle several times before, including during the Wednesday trading session. If the TRR price manages to flip this resistance into support, it will clear the path for more gains and target the resistance at $2.3, where the 50% retracement level sat.

If bulls can increase their buying pressure, TRR price may yet ascend to breach the resistance from $2.9 and $3.35 levels defined by the 78.6% and the 100% retracement zones. Such a move would clear the path for a climb toward the $3.7 range high, bringing the total gains to 126%.

On the downside, the RSI was facing downward, indicating that the selling pressure has begun to increase. A daily candlestick close below the 50-day SMA would see the TRR price drop first toward the $1.5 psychological level or the $1.27 support floor.

Three Of The Best Cryptocurrency Coin Launches To Invest In

While the crypto market continues with its stark volatility, we are here to help you out. After thorough research, we have identified these three coins Calvaria (RIA), FightOut (FGHT), and  Dash 2 Trade (D2T) to be the most likely top performers of 2023.

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a tie-one blockchain battle card game trending now. In this game, players use their cards to defeat other players by using their tactics and strategies. In return, they win valuable RIA tokens.

To access this top-rated game, one needs the RIA token, currently on presale at a great price. Currently, the Calvaria presale is live and is at Stage 5 of the Presale where 1 USDT = 30.77 $RIA. There have already been $2.5 million raised with only 13% of $RIA tokens left in the fifth and final stage of the presale. Calvaria’s RIA tokens will be listed on BKEX.

With such a great presale, it is clear that crypto gamers recognize this is a brand-new project with great potential that is sure to pay off for its early investors. This makes RIA a great investment to boom in 2023. 

Visit Calvaria here

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is a revolutionary Move-to-Earn (M2E) crypto project that has gained significant momentum since its inception.  The M2E platform allows players to earn income by living a positive, healthy, and active lifestyle. 

The project’s native FGHT coin is an ERC-20 token and is set to trace a distinct niche in the Web3 and fitness spaces. In this regard, FGHT incentivizes users to live a healthy lifestyle and even goes beyond that to help everyone achieve a “combat-ready” level of fitness as well as boost their crypto portfolio.

FightOut token FGHT is currently in the presale stage, which started with a private sale on December 5 where the project raised $1 million within just one week. Once the private sale was over, FGHT was open for public purchase, and so far, it has raised over $2.25 million. The team behind FGHT is offering the coin at a 50% bonus which will end once the $5 million threshold is reached. 

Visit Fightout here

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade introduces an amazing ecosystem offering a myriad of tools and features targeted at simplifying users’ trading experience while at the same time improving their results. Based on the project’s roadmap, Dash 2 Trade will go live in Q1 of 2023 providing a crypto trading platform offering features like crypto trading signals, technical indicators, and a backtesting tool.

The Dash 2 Trade platform is very timely, given that the cryptocurrency market has had a terrible run this year, making tools such as Dash 2 Trade the much-needed difference maker.  

The native token of the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem is D2T, which has several use cases including backtesting, contests, and rewards. Moreover, the D2T tokens are tax-free, which eliminates any entry charges into the platform, or penalties when you want to leave. 

The project presale is fast approaching its end, having raised almost $10.5 million so far. This sets it close to the target of $13.5 million. Less than two weeks left before the presale window closes, the Dash 2 Trade team has so far raised $10.36 million in the presale with 66.8m tokens left in the fourth and final stage.

Do not be left out. 

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