This Metaverse Crypto Puts You in Control of Your Own Virtual World – Here’s How it Works


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The bear market has dampened the interest people once had in the metaverse. So, naturally, something truly unique had to happen to entice new players. That uniqueness is possible if there is a metaverse crypto that puts you in control of your own virtual world – at an affordable price.

RobotEra is a unique metaverse project that lets you create your own metaverse in its metaverse. High-level customizability and accessibility stand at the top of this project people are responding to it positively. is the place where the RobotEra presale is being held, and it has raised upwards of $950k due to this interest.

But what does RobotEra does differently from other metaverse giants that ruled the crypto space in 2021 – during the bull days of crypto?

A Metaverse Crypto Similar to Sandbox, And Yet So Different

The Sandbox came out in 2011 as one of the first blockchain-powered worlds with a minecraft-esque appeal. People saw it as something simple at first. But as the technology behind it became visible, and the true potential of the metaverse was revealed, it grew by 1000x in 2021.

But the Sandbox is one of the first metaverses where exclusivity is coveted above all. Many considered it an OG metaverse that kept many parties away from it due to the inflated costs of NFTs one needs to interact with this space. While that didn’t bother the Sandbox, since the likes of Times Magazines also came forward to buy land in its space, things changed in the bear market.

2022’s bear market pushed Sandbox from above $3 to below $1. It was then that most of the cryptocurrency space started to realize the need for affordability and inclusivity in the metaverse space.

That’s when projects like RobotEra started to emerge. Aesthetically, it is similar to the Sandbox, using the same minecraft-esque appeal to showcase its project. But you will find quite a few differentiating factors on a deeper inspection. The project is:

More Inclusive

Currently available as a presale, RobotEra is open to everyone. All need only go to and invest in TARO tokens easily. Presale opportunities have always been far and few in between, and when they did arrive, only a select few got to participate. But RobotEra has come as a new wave of presale cryptos that give everyone a chance to participate.

More Customizable

Those who own the Robots in the RobotEra metaverse also get to have LAND NFTs. These are customizable to the extent that they would appear as their own metaverse. The same level of customizability is present in Robot companions – other NFTs that you can create to mine resources and build things inside your land.

No Centralized Governance

OG metaverses like the Sandbox are centralized projects that only adopt the technical aspect of blockchain technology, not the ethos. We aren’t saying that there is anything wrong with that. But there is a sense of exclusivity it promotes that leaves out most members of the community.

RobotEra has taken a truly decentralized approach to its metaverse. It is establishing a DAO that gives the community control of the metaverse.

RobotEra And its Diversified Earning Mechanics

Metaverse has combined the visual and the otherworld-like appeal of gaming and added some real-life fundamentals to make it a viable way to make money. And RobotEra has a diversified earning mechanic that sets it up as a good metaverse of 2023.

Trade More Than One Type of NFT

Your robots, your land, your robot companions, your resources, and your buildings that you created within the TARO universe – everything is tradable. RobotEra doesn’t bound you into selling only one type of NFT. As long as you are the one to have created it, you can sell it.

Staking Tokens

Earning interest on cryptocurrencies has always been a sure-shot way to make gains in the metaverse space, but RobotEra has gamified it. The staking mechanics flow right into the lore of the game, where your staked tokens will be helpful in rebuilding the planet of TARO that forms the core of this metaverse project.

Gamified staking makes it easy for people to understand what staking is. And when there is understanding, there is a high possibility that investors from the non-crypto side will find a project more appealing.

Events and Benefits

The continents on TARO will become hosts of many events hosted by world-class businesses and enterprises. These events will be the core of branding, bringing profits to all brands that associate with this project. Those who rent their land to these businesses will also share the profits that come from these events.


The vast land of TARO is full of resources for you to harvest and then use to create infrastructures on your land NFT. But these resources are also tradable on an NFT marketplace.

Bitcoin’s Recent Upsurge Means More Attention on Metaverse Cryptos

The anticipation of the Fed rate pushed the Bitcoin price past its $20k barrier and increased the price of many altcoins. Another effect of this has been on metaverse cryptos that are finally getting the attention they deserve. But more valuable than the current trading assets are those that are available in the presale. You can grab them at a discount price and make gains from price appreciation before the listing begins.

RobotEra has raised upwards of $950k in a relatively short time. And you can become a part of this project by following these steps.

Visit the official website – <- use this link to access it since many fake sites have emerged.
Click on the “buy now” button.
Connect your wallet, which can be Metamask or Trust Wallet. And make sure that you have ETH or USDT in those wallets.
Buy TARO tokens.
Claim your tokens during the Token Generation Event – which will happen when the presale concludes.

RobotEra is The Next 10x Crypto of 2023

With its immense potential within the metaverse, RobotEra is the next 10x crypto of 2023. This project has already shown to have multiple earning mechanics, and the metaverse looks aesthetically pleasing. The earning mechanics and customizations are other factors working in its favor.

Check out this video from Jacob Crypto Bury to explore more about this project.

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