This Gaming Startup is Changing the Rules of Play to Earn With an Ecosystem That Betters The Sandbox


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RobotEra is the newest and yet the most popular metaverse crypto project that is raising funds at the moment to build its ecosystem. RobotEra is an innovative new crypto ecosystem that is designed to bring together games, the metaverse, and real estate into one platform. RobotEra primarily presents a virtual world where robots, with both human and robotic abilities, must seize control of the world and rebuild it to their own liking.

This cutting-edge gaming platform gives users the chance to explore and influence a completely immersive metaverse through engaging in thrilling games and earning rewards based on play-to-earn (P2E) principles. RobotEra is poised to transform the P2E sector by combining the strength of blockchain technology and the growing popularity of gaming and the Metaverse.

Robotera: A P2E Metaverse Game

Blockchain technology is the mainstay of RobotEra’s new game and metaverse ecosystem. It allows players to transform into robots and explore a virtual world referred to as Taro. Within the Metaverse, players can take part in exciting activities in a fully immersive digital world and earn rewards.

RobotEra’s metaverse is vast, providing users with a wide range of services, including entertainment, development, management, exploration, and interaction. RobotEra offers a different environment where players can earn from cryptocurrency and digital assets in addition to being engaged in an exciting game

Players in RobotEra live on Taro, a planet that has just been destroyed by a war between the native people and ancient robots, which has claimed many lives. There is still some hope among the rubble, though, as just 10,000 of the many robots that were once buried deep within the earth have awakened having developed human feelings and thoughts.

RobotEra combines gaming, real estate, and the metaverse into one platform with the goal of offering a distinctive and engaging gaming experience. Due to its unique strategy and emphasis on player participation, RobotEra is well-positioned to have a substantial impact on the gaming and metaverse sectors.

This game has four components:

Battles for Pieces and NFT Ownership: Players can own robot NFTs and utilize them to join battles to win pieces. The won items can be used to create new NFTs that can be sold for a profit.
Boss fights and rare items: The player can engage bosses in fights and if they win, they are rewarded with rare pieces which can be utilized to enhance their attributes. These rare objects can then be sold for profit.
Token Rewards for top players: Top 30 players in each battle season will receive token rewards.
Token Staking: Taro is in ruins, and it is a critical period for reconstruction. Participants can stake their tokens by pledging and investing in the planet. This will yield a decent passive income on a regular basis

Creating And Earning On RobotEra

Robotera gives users a singular chance to express their ideas and become creators by letting them carry out a variety of activities like mining, constructing, collecting, producing energy, and playing on their own continent Tarot.

The appeal of this game is that players can create anything they can think of, from a lovely sky garden to a lavish underground palace, as they are the sole owners of their own planet. Their NFTs will exhibit their creations and their vision to other players all over the world while also displaying their distinct aesthetic style.

The “New Taro” is a universe built and managed by a user-created community. There is no centralized authority or organization. Each player will be able to choose and advise tactics for their faction as well as control how the tokens in the treasury are used.

Anybody interested in participating is eligible to run for governance and administrative posts, but only those who have successfully deposited tokens are eligible to vote. The candidate who receives the most votes becomes the manager of their particular faction and has the authority to direct the future course of their troops.

How To Buy TARO And Be Part Of The New World

You can buy your TARO tokens through the ongoing presale. The RobotEra presale has a tiered pricing structure which makes the price of TARO tokens to rise with each batch that is sold. You will therefore receive the greatest price if you invest early before tokens are listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

This metaverse token is currently in the first stage of the presale where the team has already raised more than $983,000. On TARO goes for $0.020, meaning you can get 50 TARO tokens for just 1 USD. Once $1.8M is raised, the presale will move into phase two where the price will increase to $0.025 per TARO token. 

A thorough step-by-step manual has been developed to assist you in navigating the pre-sale campaign and purchasing TARO cryptocurrency:

Do your own research on RobotEra and TARO: To learn more about the project’s objectives, crew, and technology, visit the RobotEra website and read the whitepaper.
Get a crypto wallet: You will want a cryptocurrency wallet that accepts ERC-20 tokens in order to purchase TARO tokens. You can make use of well-known wallets like Trust Wallet, MetaMask, or MyEtherWallet.
Register for the pre-sale: You can register for the RobotEra Presale after you have a cryptocurrency wallet. Provide your email address, wallet address, and other necessary details during the registration procedure on the pre-sale page.
Complete the KYC process: You must confirm your identification in order to adhere to KYC and AML laws. Complete the pre-sale page’s instructions and provide the required paperwork, such as a passport or driver’s license.
fund your account: After it has been verified, you can finance it with Ethereum (ETH) or another cryptocurrency that the pre-sale accepts. Depositing money into your account is as simple as following the directions on the Pre-Sale website.
Buy TARO Tokens: TARO tokens may be purchased during the pre-sale period after funds have been credited to your account. It is best to invest early to secure the best price, as TARO token prices will rise once each batch is sold.
Claim your tokens: You can transfer your TARO tokens to your cryptocurrency wallet following the conclusion of the pre-sale. To start the withdrawal procedure, adhere to the instructions on the Presale pages.

Visit RobotEra here for more details

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