RobotEra Presale Passes $150k Raised – Where to Buy TARO


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Continuing the tradition of presale successes this year, RobotEra, a novel metaverse project similar to the Sandbox, has surpassed its $150k milestone. 

Introduced only recently, RobotEra has taken the crypto world by storm. Not only this project brings novel innovations within the metaverse, but it also aims to make the entire space more conclusive with the presale of its native token, $TARO. What separates $TARO from other projects of the same nature?

RobotEra: Feels Like The Sandbox, But Offers So Much More

Create, share, operate, explore and trade. These are the five core activities users can engage in with RobotEra. Featuring a sandbox-like planet-building universe, RobotEra lets you enter as a Robot avatar and use the resources to manage the land, create robots, and conceive your own metaverse within the metaverse. 

While the concept of a shared multiverse is not novel, how RobotEra aims to implement it is practical. Robot owners can buy massive patches of land and customize them with theme parks, concerts, museums, and anything they can imagine. Owners without lands can explore these worlds as they please. 

Creating Anything that One Can Imagine

There was once a time when “creating anything you can imagine” was chalked up to another bold claim and nothing more. But all that changed when Minecraft came into existence. That pixelated game took the entire gaming space by storm with its truly versatile and truly free approach to creation. As a result, gamers did come up with anything they could imagine, from creating a working computer to an entire solar system built to scale. 

Such creations inspired the emergence of The Sandbox. However, restrictions to what users can create stop the world’s leading metaverse from gaining more users, which is not the case with RobotEra. 

At the core of RobotEra lies the RobotEra editor. A simple yet versatile tool that players can use to bring out their beautiful creations to life. These include:

Features to alter the terrain of the land players buy, and
Companion robots with multiple features to aid exploration. 

Exploration in multiple metaverses

Every land within RobotEra’s universe is its own metaverse, featuring a variety of terrain and secrets players can find. These secrets can be anything from treasure to accessories for players to customize their land or robots. Since every asset within the space is tokenized, you can sell those secrets on an NFT marketplace for monetary gains. 

Quest Challenges in the Central City

The game’s central city is the “hub world,” for players to interact with each other and find and complete quests. Completing the quests will reward players with accessories, resources, and even TARO tokens. 

Participating in Concerts and Creating Communities

The core of any metaverse is interactivity, and to motivate interaction between the players, RobotEra consists of concerts and events. Theme parks and clubs in RobotEra become home to great communities that work together to create a virtual world full of life, fun, and branding opportunities. 

Robot NFTs With Special Benefits to the Players


Metaverse hit bottom in 2022, teaching us one thing – a blockchain-powered virtual world cannot be insular anymore. It has to accommodate others who can’t afford to get into the metaverse because of the high costs of NFTs. RobotEra allows players to trade and rent their Robots or Companions to other players. 


Robot NFTs owners will get access to special airdrops offered by third-party brands or RobotEra developers. 


Owning the Robot NFT means having a say in the DAO to decide the trajectory of RobotEra’s developments. 

Land NFTs and their Benefits

Robot NFT owners can mint land in RobotEra and customize it however they wish. Each land has a different form and contains different resources. Players can

Mine resources necessary for creating Robot companions.
Explore the space or visit other lands.
Construct buildings to transform this land into a mini metaverse.
Find resources to power those construction projects.
Product components in the factory to assemble robot companions.
Gather resources from the flora, fauna, and mountains in the land for creating buildings.

RobotEra Presale Passes $150k – Why The Community is Bullish About RobotEra?

RobotEra has all the makings of a great metaverse project. It implements a tried-and-tested approach to creating a successful virtual world and offers an inclusive way to become a part of it. The roadmap of this project is also practical; it doesn’t contain hyperbolized promises that many past projects have failed to deliver.

These factors combine to create an air of confidence surrounding it, allowing the larger crypto community that has grown weary looking at the current state of metaverse projects to renew its faith in blockchain-powered virtual worlds. 

Where to Buy RobotEra?

RobotEra is currently undergoing presale, and here are the steps to participate in it. 

Get a Crypto wallet
Buy USDT or ETH and store it in the wallet
Go to the official website and connect the wallet. 
Enter the amount of $TARO tokens you want to buy (minimum 1,000)
Approve the purchase twice
Claim your tokens on the day of the token generation event. 

There are only three Presale Stages for RobotEra

RobotEra only has 3 presale stages. Thus, the current price of $0.020 is the lowest at which you can invest in $TARO. Presale stage 2 will increase the price of this token by 25%, and you will lose out on making appreciating gains that come with each presale stage. 

Check out the project today to become an early mover. 

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