Metacade Will Offer The Biggest Selection of Arcade Games Online


There’s no question that GameFi is a burgeoning area of Web3 and one of the areas most likely to be positively impacted by the benefits of blockchain infrastructure and decentralized finance (DeFi), especially when play-to-earn (P2E) gaming is taken into consideration.

Although there are numerous projects already in the GameFi space, it’s the disruptive newcomer Metacade (MCADE) that is really making waves due to the high potential of the project and the projected returns for investors quick enough to secure their MCADE tokens in its presale.

But why does Metacade show so much potential, and why does the project have investors believing it could be a leader in the GameFi revolution?

Metacade is an unbelievably good investment opportunity

Metacade has released a groundbreaking plan to deliver an incredible set of features, putting the project in pole position to establish itself at the core of the GameFi arena. These plans, released in the form of a comprehensive whitepaper outline the project’s cohesive plan to disrupt gaming, giving gamers the ability to earn an income for playing games in a huge and helpful community hub.

At the heart of the Metacade ecosystem is the most impressive component of the platform — its flagship play-to-earn (P2E) arcade. The blockchain gaming arcade will offer the biggest selection of arcade games online and, in doing so, distinguishes the Metacade platform from the vast majority of GameFi.

It’s this differentiation that is getting many investors excited; most GameFi projects struggle to keep their user base engaged because all activity is focused around a single game. With Metacade having a vast collection of arcade games online, it means that the project is far more likely to keep users active as they play a host of different titles in the arcade.

How high could MCADE go in 2023?

The price of MCADE is likely to be tied to its platform usage, as the token will be essential for accessing key features. With an ever-growing library of games, Metacade is expected to continually attract new users to the platform. In this case, the token will remain in demand, which is an attractive quality for investors. 

Additionally, Metacade’s robust roadmap has well-considered features, like buybacks and token burns, that will likely help maintain the value of MCADE tokens in the future.

With such excitement across investment groups, it is likely that prices will jump dramatically when the token is released to the public as more and more investors are concerned about missing out secure their MCADE tokens. 

Metacade is expected to establish a high market cap in 2023 as a result of the inevitable user growth, meaning that if it were able to achieve just 25% of Axie Infinity’s all-time high market cap of $10 billion, it would mean that the price of the MCADE token would smash through the $1 mark.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment?

Cryptocurrency markets can be more volatile than other, more established assets, and that can sometimes lead novice investors to question whether cryptocurrencies are a good investment at all. In fact, there has been no better investment class over the last decade, with $100 invested in 2013 now worth more than $150,000.

All asset classes have had a tough time with the global economic turmoil, but with many experts suggesting that now may be the bottom of the market, it’s a perfect time to buy to maximize the gains made if you can find the best crypto to buy now.

What is Metacade?

Metacade has a clear ambition to deliver the largest P2E arcade, complete with the most diverse collection of arcade games online, to allow gamers to earn an income for playing their favorite titles.

The Metacade project has created a stir thanks to the stunning success of the presale, raising a staggering $5 million in just the first 10 weeks. Since then, the project has shown no signs of slowing down, having continued on to $6.2m as investors flock to secure their MCADE at discount presale prices.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade users can benefit from its extensive rewards system thanks to the robust external revenue streams. The platform will make money through paid advertisements and job listings on the site, and for access to Metacade’s gaming community. External gaming companies will also be charged a fee to launch their games on the platform. Revenue will be generated internally through pay-to-play games and tournament entry fees.

The MCADE token is the currency used throughout the platform, both for rewards and all other value exchanges. The token also benefits from staking options which are likely to reduce the circulating supply as investors who see the long-term potential stake their tokens for a passive income.

Metacade’s Metagrants scheme will empower MCADE holders to vote on the distribution of funding for game development. With talented game development teams able to pitch their ideas directly to the community, this program brings the entire community together while also driving user growth and retention.

Why should investors invest in Metacade?

Metacade looks set to be at the forefront of the GameFi revolution, and so the extremely low prices of MCADE available during the presale are a rare opportunity to get in very early on a project that has the potential to dominate a sector growing aggressively.

With 100x gains looking very possible, the presale that is already seeing so much attention is likely to sell out before long. Who can be surprised with MCADE is shaping up to be one of the best cryptos to buy now?

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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