Meta Masters Guild Presale Raises $1.5m, Price Rise of 23% Coming in 48 Hours



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Meta Masters Guild, one of the best presale cryptos of 2023, has raised upwards of $1.5 million in the presales, and the next price rise may be coming in the next 48 hours.

This P2E crypto project has been raising funds at the pace of $500 per week and has now reached stage 3 of the presale. Stage 4 will begin once the presale of its target of $1.848 million.

Stage 4 will see the price of this token going up by 23% as it goes from 0.0013 USDT to 0.0016 USDT. Parties wanting to be early movers should go to the official website today.

There are seven stages in the presale, with the final price set at 0.00235 USDT – which means that those who invest now will have 76% gains.

While close to 4 days remain before the ending of the current stage, the pace of the presale suggests that the target will be met in the next 48 hours.

A fully Playable Version of Meta Kart Racers Will Come out Later This Year

Gideon Clifton, the CEO of Meta Masters Guild, has said that “we are excited to announce the development of a fully playable version that will be released later this year.”

Meta Kart Racers is being developed by Gameround and will feature an “entry-level NFT character and cart”.

The CEO continued that the “premium versions will be available for purchase in our NFT marketplace.”

However, since the project’s goal is to bring more non-crypto gamers to the fold, these NFTS will also be unlockable through gameplay.

“Our goal is to revolutionize the m0bile gsmaing community by introducing fun and rewarding Play-to-Earn games, with Meta Kart racers being the first in the MEMAG launch collection.”, Gideon Clifton said.

The MEMAG partnership with Gameround is a landmark movement, according to Meta Masters CEO, and will bring fun games to the P2E community.

Bringing Fun Games at Low Costs – But Without Compromising the Standards

Meta Masters Guild has been built with one particular idea in mind – bringing fun games to play. And since mobile games can be fun while being minimalist and affordable, Meta Masters has chosen mobile as the platform on which games built on Meta Masters will be played.

The ecosystem will become accessible to players using the MEMAG tokens and will also act as reward tokens for players. Staking facilities are also available.

Devs have put forth $4.97 million at the hard cap for the presale, which devs consider to be more than enough for the development of the ecosystem.

Mobile gaming and crypto gaming space allow for multi-X gains, as shown by Axie Infinity, a token that rose 1000x in value after the launch of this token.

This, and the fact that Meta Kart Racer is a Mario-kart-influenced game in the blockchain space, gives this project a leg up on other “games” in the blockchain space.

Adopting Play-And-Earn, An Essential Pivot from the Standard P2E norm

Play-to-earn games have earned a lot of renown in the crypto space, with countries like the Philippines and Indonesia having a record number of players for games like Axie Infinity.

However, if there is one thing to be said about these games – it is that they are boring.

These games make Play-to-Earn their original point, which leads to less focus on games and more on earning. As a result, the games are boring and tedious and have no way of bringing the non-crypto gamers.

But people from the non-crypto side are the ones that interest Meta Masters Guild. While the games will have excellent earning mechanics, earning won’t be the whole USP.

The idea behind Meta Masters Guild is to bring non-crypto gamers that are more interested in gaming to come to the blockchain gaming space. And as the influx of players arrives, the gameplay economy will be stabilized.

Meta Masters Guild has given this approach the name – Play and Earn.

Experts Say Sizable Returns will be Coming for Early-Stage Buyers

Multiple Crypto influencers on YouTube have come out to give their own two cents about this cryptocurrency.

Jonathan Geroy Velogs gave his insight into the project and gave it a positive review. You can check out the video here.

YouTube video

Crypto analyst Jacob Crypto Bury has also come out and predicted that Meta Masters Guild may become the fastest-growing P2E crypto of 2023 and might bring 2x, 3x, or 4x gains for those who buy this token early.

YouTube video

Meta Kart Racers is not the only game in the Works Right Now

Meta Kart Racers is not the only game in the works by the Meta Masters Guild team.

Devs are working to bring Raid NFT and Meta Masters World as well.

Meta Kart Racers will see players select their character, a driver, and karts and race across fun tracks to earn rewards.

Players will earn Gems, the in-app currency with many utilities, including being MEMAG tokens.

Meta Kart Racers will also feature rare NFTs, which are in-game playable characters and are rendered in 3D.

Invest in this Crypto Today

Meta Masters Guild is slowly closing in on the 4th stage of the presale. Only 23.8 million tokens remain to be sold. Visit the official website and buy this crypto today before the price increases.

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