MAGIC Price Prediction Shows it Could Rise By 14.17% Come March 5, 2023


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Treasure metaverse’s natural resource, MAGIC, powers NFTs to turn them from fantasy into productive assets. Since it weaves an ever-growing web of narrative bridges within the Metaverse, the developers designed MAGIC to be increasingly scarce (emissions decline with increasing economic complexity).

The Bridgeworld game allows players to earn $MAGIC by mining and playing bridges. Thus, MAGIC holders govern the Treasure ecosystem. In a relatively short period, Treasure’s ecosystem has evolved significantly enabling builders and collaborators to excel in their endeavors. 

Bridgeworld, Cartridges, Community, Infrastructure, and Trove are the core features of this platform. These key features reveal the platform’s key advantages to its many users. Here’s MAGIC’s price prediction to help you decide whether to invest.

Price Prediction MAGIC the Treasure

At $1.94, MAGIC has a market capitalization of $407,599,940, ranking 105 among the most valuable coins. Last 24 hours, MAGIC’s price value has changed by 5.23%. They limit the coin supply to 210,376,749 units.

As of February 28, 2023, 12 technical analysis indicators signal bullish, and 13 bearish signals show a general bearish sentiment about the Magic price prediction. There are two price predictions for MAGIC in March 2023; the lowest is $2.00, and the highest is $2.19. The average price is $2.08.

Our current Magic price prediction shows it could rise by 14.17% by March 5, 2023, reaching $1.792552. The technical indicators show a bearish sentiment, while the fear & greed index shows a neutral reading. 

You can expect MAGIC to have a minimum price level of $2.06 and a maximum price of $2.30 for April 2023. But the $2.16 price level is the most probable.

MAGIC and Metaverse Projects (Treasure)

Decentralization offers excellent opportunities for blockchain networks and platforms. While it’s no longer a new concept in the crypto world, its evolution continues to impact the industry. 

The MAGIC Treasure platform
The MAGIC Treasure platform

It is exciting to see how some of the older platforms are reinventing through evolutionary changes that have taken place over the years. The Treasure platform, for example, rebranded recently to boost its functionality and appeal while connecting projects across the metaverse.

What is Treasure’s Mission?

Treasure is dedicated primarily to connecting and supporting communities, games, and builders using web3. By doing so, it hopes to revolutionize game development and to promote grassroots building and community ownership through decentralization. 

As part of its goal, the platform uses its native token, MAGIC, to expand its economy and gaming ecosystem and link its supported projects. Through supported games and Treasure NFTs, the founders and community members aim to introduce more people to web3. 

MAGIC Treasure
MAGIC Treasure

The individuals on the team focus on finding and developing real-life applications using web3 to make it more mainstream.

How Promising is MAGIC Crypto as an Investment?

In Treasure projects, Magic is essential, but it could also be a smart investment. But cryptocurrency prices are always subject to volatility, and holdings can cause a loss of money. However, we expect MAGIC’s price to rise gradually in the long term. It means you might lose money if you hold MAGIC tokens for a short time. 

It is important to remember that MAGIC is more than an investment. You can use it to develop NFTs by adding advanced powers and traits and increasing their resources. Adding MAGIC to your collection of NFTs, you can increase its growth potential. Additionally, your investment could boost the platform’s growth.

The Treasure platform stands out from similar platforms today because it focuses on growing Arbitrum and developing web3 utility. 

Arbitrum and developing web3 utility
Arbitrum and developing web3 utility

Furthermore, you can use its token across multiple Treasure projects, so many owners may find it useful. The timing could not be better if you have not explored Treasure’s full potential.

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