Injective Price Up 50% This Week, Web3 Coin DeeLance Tipped For Similar Success



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The crypto market has enjoyed a significant surge in recent times, and the Injective Protocol project is among the coins that have seen a substantial increase in market value.

The Price of Injective (INJ), which often describes itself as the fastest proof-of-stake layer-1 network, that is shaping the future of finance, has been surging recently. It has rallied over 50%, making it among the best-performing cryptocurrencies in the top 100 by market capitalization, according to CoinGecko.

The platform provides developers with unique features, including plug-and-play financial infrastructure primitives, oracles, a composable smart contact layer with CosmWasm, and decentralized bridges. This helps the developers build powerful DeFi applications and any individual to access financial services without needing an intermediary.

Source: TradingView.Com

At press time, the Injective Token ($INJ) was $8.71, indicating an uptrend of 24.55% in the past 24 hours. As this appears to be impressive, its long-term rallies are having the investors look for more buying opportunities. However, according to its three-month performance, the ERC token is currently up 386%, which is quite impressive.

Notably, the risk that profit-taking weighs on the Price in the near term is high. Given INJ’s 14-Day Relative Strength Index(RSI), the cryptocurrency is highly overbought, with a score of 82.

What triggered the cryptocurrency pump?

The Price of Injective token surge came ahead of an announcement of a partnership with Chinese tech giant Tencent’s Cloud subdivision, mid this month. As per a Twitter put out by the Injective platform on April 17, it noted that the two are partnering to support builders in the Injective ecosystem. It noted:

This collaboration aims to contribute to the growth of the Injective ecosystem, starting with developers in the Injective Global Virtual Hackathon.

Noteworthy, Tencent is the largest Chinese company by market capitalization and among the most prominent companies globally. This indicates that the partnership is significant. Additionally, the growth of Injective protocol has been unstoppable recently. The platform revealed that the blockchain surpassed the 200 million mark, an impressive milestone. $INJ is, however, one of many crypto coins doing remarkable numbers in the crypto space.

Apart from Injective, investors should glance at DeeLance($DLANCE), which has a better chance of generating massive exponential profits.

DeeLance($DLANCE) – An Injective Alternative

The blockchain chain ecosystem has recently introduced a number of disruptive industry innovations since its inception. However, the DeeLance ecosystem is based on simplicity, convenience, and a decentralized system without relying on a third party. Because of its unique features, this groundbreaking concept is a positive development for the freelance industry.

DeeLance is building an immersive non-fungible token (NFT)-powered metaverse platform to unite businesses and freelancers. It has been ranked by observers as revolutionary for the recruitment industry. Released in March, it is a next-generation freelancing and recruiting platform incorporating decentralized Web3 technology. The project aims to become the future of freelancing owing to its ability to revolutionize how freelancers connect with potential buyers on the Metaverse and Web3 space.

The Token is tailor-made so users can benefit from a seamless transaction process that enhances their overall experience. Some of the token use cases include:

Advertising purposes
Leasing offices
Purchasing the NFTs within the NFT marketplace
Paying and buying for additional features within the DeeLance space

$DLANCE Utility Token and Presale

Currently, the $DLANCE has raised over $470K in its presale.

However, it’s still possible if you still need to purchase your $DLANCE Token. This is the best time to purchase one to enjoy profits once the Token is listed. Early bird investors can get the digital asset at its current Price of $0.029. The launch price is set at $0.055USDT.

To gain more information on the DeeLance presale, watch this video for an insightful review. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel for more updates to keep you on track with the project’s developments.


After having a mixed run last year, it seems like cryptocurrencies are back in the game, which is why we see new projects making headlines daily. The innovation brought about by DeeLance is not limited to the crypto sector; instead, it stretches to other professional areas like freelancing. Looking at the presale numbers of DeeLance, there is no doubt that many buzzes exist regarding this network in the crypto community.

DeeLance can be one of the best tokens to purchase simply because it emphasizes setting realistic targets and aiming to achieve them instead of mentioning ambitious goals. You can also see our guide on how to buy DeeLance or visit the official website at the link below to browse the whitepaper and roadmap for this year.

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