IMPT Price Prediction – Till 2024


The crypto market is flooded with cryptocurrencies, and every project is scrambling to differentiate itself with new features.

One of the latest projects that has gained limelight is ‘IMPT’. The project comes with a noble cause and wishes to advance crypto investors to a greener and more sustainable world.

But is the project worth investing in? Let us explore this in our IMPT price prediction?

IMPT Price Prediction: At a Glance

2023: Although it is difficult to estimate with certainty what IMPT values will be, indications of token growth imply that by 2023 IMPT may cross the $0.5 mark. This would be a significant increase for the token, and it is not an implausible prospect. Three presale phases have been introduced by IMPT, with 600 million IMPT tokens already been distributed for the first round, which will finish on November 5th, at the cost of $0.018 each. The final presale will encompass 540 million IMPT tokens at $0.028, while the second presale will feature the sales of 660 million units.

2024: In the first quarter of 2023 IMPT will finish the sell out of its second presale. In order to promote itself to its target customers, IMPT will also launch a heavy marketing campaign. The second presale will finish after sales of 660 million tokens that will account for 22% of total tokens created. Up until the end of the presale, all units will be sold at a price of $0.023.

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What is IMPT?

One of the finest initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that will benefit the environment is Since there is so much enthusiasm around this project, we can claim with confidence that it is additionally the most environmentally friendly coin you can purchase right now and one that can make you substantial profits.

You should be aware that’s mission is to link people with diverse eco-friendly initiatives that share the same objective. The top a thousand retail brands allot a particular portion of the profit margin to environmental initiatives. These types of initiatives will assist us in preserving the environment.

Thousands of well-known companies, like Amazon and Microsoft, are presently connected to customers through this network, providing them the choice to reduce their carbon emissions while also receiving cryptocurrency-based compensation in the form of IMPT coin.

What Innovations Will Make IMPT Overcome Growth Resistance?

There are several ways in which the initiative will be beneficial to the environment. Additionally, you could also earn a lot of money if you use this coin in order to earn enormous profits.

IMPT Crypto price prediction

The companies and brands that would want to associate themselves with IMPT will find it much easier as compared to other crypto projects and it will also earn them positive public marketing.

Now let’s talk about a few more reasons why IMPT will outperform its competition.

1. Makes Use of The Characteristics Of The Traditional Blockchain Mechanism

With the platform, you may purchase, trade, and retire carbon credits owing to its decentralized mechanism. All of those carbon credits are converted into NFTs, which also aids in preventing fraud. The blockchain will provide a more reliable and open environment. Additionally, it resolves environmental issues most effectively.

2. Assists Businesses in Avoiding Fraud And Duplicate Counting

Every business will profit from the blockchain’s elimination of double-counting band fraud. The blockchain uses a distributed ledger in which all network users cooperate to make this happen. No user may spend more than their balance or more than double what they have.

3. Existence of Carbon Assets

The sector would benefit from income-generating activities from public and trustworthy records if carbon assets were tokenized. It will make it possible for businesses and groups to get official certifications that serve as verifiable evidence of carbon offset operations. An unbending blockchain transaction that anybody can observe will also facilitate that.

4. Modernizing The Carbon Credit Trading Sector

The procedure for purchasing and exchanging carbon credits is notoriously opaque and challenging right now. Due to these difficulties in exchanging them, the IMPT market may experience considerable inefficiencies.

But IMPT NFTs may be traded on the blockchain in a frictionless manner around the clock, every day of the year since smart contracts have the ability to execute autonomously without the necessity for a central authority to interfere. This enhances the procedure overall and makes it simpler to comprehend.

More than 25,000 ESG-friendly companies are currently offered for purchase through the IMPT shopping platform thanks to the IMPT affiliate program, and users receive IMPT tokens in exchange for their purchases. Each brand has a different percentage of purchases dedicated to cash-back rewards.

Famous crypto trader and analyst Jacob Crypto Bury has also reviewed the IMPT presale on his Youtube channel, which has over 8K subscribers.

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Key Points That Make IMPT A Good Future Proof Investment

1. Aims for Eco-Aware Cryptocurrency Investors

Naturally, individuals wishing to invest in the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency will probably lean toward IMPT. This is due in part to the eco-friendly objectives of the project as well as the ecosystem’s hosting on the Ethereum – based Network.

Due to its minimal energy needs, Ethereum has established a reputation as being one of the greener blockchains. Ethereum uses a “Proof-of-Stake” (PoS) consensus process, which is far more energy-efficient than Proof-of-Work, which explains why these energy needs are so low (PoW).

2. Various IMPT Token Use Cases

IMPT tokens are essential to the operation of the IMPT network and aren’t merely used to make predictions about its expansion. These tokens are the “original money” of IMPT and are used for the purchase, sale, and exchange of carbon credit NFTs.

Additionally, IMPT holders will have access to special NFT collections and certain “premium” platform features. Notably, the IMPT team hopes to convert the program into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) in the long term, which would require a significant amount of IMPT tokens to carry out the governance.

3. Potential Advantage from Appropriate Timing

Finally, the scheduling of this presale suggests that IMPT would be a wise investment. Investors are scrambling to identify assets with strong price potential as the market’s ‘risk away’ mood and increasing interest rates cause cryptocurrency prices to fall.

This is precisely where IMPT comes into play, as the token’s reduced price point is probably going to provide a good opportunity for both novice and experienced investors. Investors don’t need a lot of money to participate in the presale because of the low cost of IMPT tokens, which makes it open to anyone.

IMPT Price Prediction

By this point, it is obvious that many investors (both initial and later ones) of IMPT are expecting a rise in price after presale. This explains why more than a million units were sold within the first couple hours after the presale opened. Where may IMPT’s value be heading in the future in the face of this information? You can guess well.

As with many new cryptocurrency launches, it can be difficult to predict the price of a project when it is still in the planning stages. But in recent weeks, the official IMPT Telegram channel has already risen to over 9,000 members, demonstrating the attraction of this initiative.

In addition, we may observe prior presales to gain a sense of just how IMPT’s presale might proceed. After the presale period concluded and the tokens were launched on OKX, the price of Tamadoge, one of the year’s top new cryptocurrencies, increased by 200%. Although there is no assurance that IMPT will have the same success level, it shows the market’s potential for presale cryptocurrencies.

Due to the fervent interest in pre-sales, IMPT might hit $0.5. The initiative is the start of a cryptocurrency use that is ecologically friendly and leverages technical advancements to deliver a new benefit to the earth.

The presale involves three parts, according to IMPT. At a cost of $0.018 per token, 600 million have been distributed for the first presale round, which expires on November 5. In the second presale, 660 million tokens will be sold for $0.023, while 540 million tokens will be sold for $0.028 in the final presale.

IMPT Social Media Channels

If you liked the concept behind IMPT and wish to connect with more like-minded people in the crypto space, we suggest following IMPT’s social media accounts. Below we have highlighted few spaces where you can do so-


In order to make the investing process as simple as possible, this article has researched everything buyers of IMPT tokens need to know. Through the project’s official website, anybody wishing to purchase IMPT tokens may do so in a matter of minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Buy IMPT Tokens?

The IMPT presale portal, which is housed upon that project’s official web page, allows investors to purchase tokens. To make the trade, all that is needed is a suitable crypto wallet (like MetaMask) as well as some Ether or USDT, and the entire procedure takes less than five minutes.

What is the Price of IMPT?

IMPT is being sold for $0.018 during the first stage of the presale. However, the price will increase to $0.023 per token on November 25th (or if the allotment is sold out).

Is IMPT a Good Investment?

There is every reason to think that IMPT might establish a solid investor base within upcoming months given the rising demand for reliable cryptocurrencies. This, along with the project’s novel use case, makes it easy to understand why many believe IMPT will rank among the year’s most intriguing cryptocurrencies.

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