How to Buy RobotEra Crypto (TARO)


Drastic growth has been seen in the blockchain sector in the last couple of years. With the constant introduction of newer and better projects in the space, more people seem to have been interested in becoming a part of the industry. But the increasing number of projects tends to make it harder for investors to decide which asset they should invest in. One approach is to filter projects based on various factors. These may include category, popularity, fundamentals and utility. One such project that aces in terms of all these factors is RobotEra. The category of RobotEra crypto is the metaverse, which is undoubtedly one of the top-grossing genres investors look for currently to park their funds. 

In terms of fundamentals and utility too, RobotEra has been gaining massive popularity since it holds the potential to become a project as big as Sandbox or Decentraland. This guide will review the project and explain the buying process for RobotEra’s TARO token in detail. It will also touch up on features and potential for the project in the coming months with respect to market conditions and trends. 

How to buy TARO- Quick Guide

Step 1- Visit the official website (beware of fake sites)
Step 2- Click on the “Buy Now” button and land on the presale page
Step 3- Click on “Connect Wallet” and select the wallet of choice
Step 4- Type in the desired amount and click on buy now
Step 5- Claim tokens after Presale

What is RobotEra?

The 2021 bullrun accounted for a huge number of investors from various sectors flocking to the blockchain sector. While the sector surely went mainstream, there were certain categories that peaked in terms of popularity and engagement. One of those as mentioned above was the Metaverse. Although the concept of the metaverse was new, it was still embraced by a huge chunk of the investing citizenry before the market crashed. 

Naturally, the hype around metaverse hasn’t died yet. However, it is true that the market has been failing to move upward consistently. RobotEra was announced right in the middle of the crypto-winter and has still managed to garner quite a huge community. 

RobotEra is a planet-rebuilding metaverse which is set to be launched with a revolutionary set of features in the crypto space. The project aims to create a robot-themed metaverse with similarities to the popular crypto project Sandbox; but better. Essentially, RobotEra is a metaverse landscape where users will be able to exist in the form of robots. They will be able to own, manage, and earn from the land that will also be available in the form of NFTs, similar to the aforementioned robot avatars. 

The plan is to create a compelling storyline while also bringing about a wide variety of entertainment, marketing and earning opportunities in one place. To understand about RobotEra better, let us take a look at the main components of its ecosystem.

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Central City- The base of RobotEra’s ecosystem

The central city can be considered the platform’s base. It is where the Robots were created and is a haven for players. This is because other locations may have enemies like mutants who attack the robot characters. The Central City is also where players will be initially placed. Within this location, the robots will be able to socialize, create NFT museums and much more. The concept is built around having a home base before getting to explore the entire ecosystem.

Players can create friends, or even cash out from quest challenges that will be available here. There are several other entertainment activities too, that can be explored. Developers have claimed that they will also be looking to earn more P2E and PVP features within the RobotEra eventually. 


The whole point of a metaverse is to create a virtual world with real-life aspects imbibed. One where players can buy land, just like in the world and build businesses or income opportunities to their liking. This is exactly what TARO-land is all about. 

LAND is the real estate NFT for the RobotEra project, wherein users will be able to purchase plots and create strategies to benefit from. However, there is an eligibility criterion that exists to only hand over plots of the ecosystem to dedicated players. This criterion is that every player who wishes to own land must have at least one Robot NFT. Naturally, simply holding this NFT will make users eligible to purchase any amount of land on the RobotEra space. 

The Seven Continents- The overall ecosystem


This is the main component when it comes to the RobotEra Metaverse. The entire backstory of the project is built around The Seven Continents. The story states that a war between early organisms and robots ended up with the planet of Taro being destroyed and in ruins. The planet that was once the symbol of prosperity needs to be revived again. This plot is taken forward by the Robots, which are stated to have human minds. 

The planet of Taro was divided into 7 parts after its destruction, where various factions of Robots can exist. Each of the Seven Continents of the New World contains numerous player lands of varying sizes. 

The system generates them randomly and has a variety of terrain for players to explore and play on, including plains, deserts, forests, islands, hills, and more. In addition, every continent has its own unique resource base, which serves as the raw material for the production of its own robot companion. Exploring and collecting these resources are vital in growing strong for each player. 

This is where the P2E part of the project comes alive. Players can also create buildings or other structures on their land and sell them in the form of NFTs on its marketplace. 

Robot Companions – Enhancing the gaming experience

The concept of the metaverse is strongly tied around socializing or simply finding companions. This has been innovatively introduced in RobotEra. Players can create companions on their own, which can also be used for finishing tasks and other trivial activities. 

In each continent, players can mine minerals, build factories, collect raw materials and produce robot companions with different attributes and skills. Each NFT will be a unique piece that players will be able to trade for income or simply hold as a collection. A huge number of players generally look to hold these assets as major investments. 

In order to create a companion players need to use the robot companion and machine component workbench. It is likely that the developers may introduce more features for companions in the future. 

The Sacred Tree

Based on the backstory, the sacred tree is a set of 7 trees spread that symbolizes the seven continents. Each continent faction’s tree is placed in the Central City. Here, players will be able to use resources to take care of the tree. But these spent resources do not go in vain, as fulfilling certain conditions will ensure that all players in the respective faction get rewarded in the form of in-game currency. 

Connection to other spaces- Bridging metaverses

RobotEra plans to enable players to create new NFT lands and not be limited to existing ones. They will be able to bring NFTs from other platforms as well, thereby creating a major connection within the entire metaverse space. There will be an option for players to use this to their advantage and earn handsome rewards or create further earning opportunities. 

What is the TARO token?


TARO is the main utility token of the RobotEra project. It is the most important part of the project and is the only currency that can be used to conduct transactions in the ecosystem. Naturally, a native token is what determines the strength or potential of the project in an investor’s eyes. 

Taking this into consideration, RobotEra has created a strong tokenomics strategy. The team claims that such a decision is made to ensure that the token doesn’t pump or dump instantly, but grows eventually with strength and boasts of sustainability. 

TARO is an ERC-20 token, which means that it is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The team has also set up TARO tokens which shall be allocated to the team and developers. However, to calm the minds of investors, the platform has locked these tokens for a period of 12 months, Even after the 12-month period, the tokens will only be unlocked in parts over the following 20 months. 

At the time of writing, the project is still in its presale phase. Mentioned below are the details of the presale and the TARO token –


Scheduled dates for RobotEra Presale – From 11th November to Q1 202
Total Token Supply – 1.8 billion TARO
Tokens available to investors at the moment – 270 million TARO
First Presale Stage Target – $1.8 million worth of TARO
Hard Cap of Whole Presale – $6.93 million worth of TARO 

While the price of TARO tokens is considerably less at the moment, it is set to increase by 5% after every stage. The presale for TARO tokens will comprise three such stages. 

TARO is already an asset with much utility within the platform. However, this too is set to increase as the project launches and takes off eventually. The current set of token use cases includes purchasing in-game assets, earning through staking, transactions etc. 

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Why Should TARO be in your Crypto Portfolio?

This is a question any investor would consider way before parking their funds in any project. Well, TARO is the main currency of a platform with much potential. Moreover, building a portfolio would surely mean diversifying funds into fundamentally strong assets. The storyline and tokenomics mentioned above itself are enough to understand that the project may take off in the upcoming months.

Being a small-cap project currently, TARO could be an excellent asset to hold within an investor’s portfolio. While accumulating large-cap tokens that provide more security surely is important, it is also vital that a portion of the funds are allocated to smaller projects which may end up giving phenomenal returns. 

How to Buy TARO token – Complete Tutorial 

Thanks to the highly responsive website, buying TARO on the RoboEra website is extremely easy to do. Follow the mentioned steps to buy TARO tokens from the website directly.

Step 1- Type in the website and go to the homepage


To get started, type in the project’s website name – – directly or use the links on this page. Make sure that you have entered the right website name and landed on the correct website. This is because several imitators may try to trick users into giving up their funds by posing as the official website.

Click here to be redirected to the actual website directly. 

Step 2- Click on the “Buy Now” button and land on the presale page

On the homepage, there will be an option that says “Buy Now”. Click on this button to land on the presale page. Before going to make the purchase, ensure that a decentralized wallet is set up and ready. Since the project is built on the Ethereum chain, make sure that the wallet supports Ethereum Network.

Step 3- Click on “Connect Wallet” and select the wallet of choice


On reaching the presale page, click on the “Connect Wallet” button that will be present within the Presale box. On clicking, a variety of wallet options will be shown for the user to choose from. 

Currently, some of the popular options are not available. However, it doesn’t matter if the desired wallet isn’t present in the list of options. The user can scan the QR code and connect their wallets through Wallet Connect. 

Step 4 – Type in the desired amount of tokens and click on “Buy”

There are two ways to purchase TARO tokens. One can use USDT or ETH to buy their desired amount from the presale. Select from the two options and type in the desired amount of TARO tokens required. There is a minimum limit on purchasing the TARO token, which is at least 1000 tokens. 

Review the details on fees and the number of tokens again and click on Buy. Accept any confirmations from the wallet to complete the transaction. 

Step 5- Claim tokens after Presale

The tokens will not be available right away during the presale. This means that one will not get their purchased tokens deposited in their wallets till the end of the presale. Once the presale is completed, users can go to the website to claim their tokens. On claiming, the number of tokens previously purchased will be deposited to the respective wallet. 

Since the token is currently in its presale phase, this is the only way of acquiring tokens. However, once the project is launched it is very likely that the TARO token will be available on several exchanges. 

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Is it the Right Time to Invest in TARO?


For investors looking to park their funds in strong assets that could give great returns, TARO is already a great option. But two other factors make it an even more attractive purchase currently. The first of these is surely the presale phase. The best time to get in on a project is always in its early days, This is when the tokens are sold at lower prices and have a smaller community, which means that the returns will be phenomenal as soon the project starts pumping. 

Another reason to consider investing in TARO right now is the market condition. RobotEra is being introduced in the bear market, which is already the best time to start accumulating crypto. Naturally, buying the token right now would mean the benefit of presale as well as the discounted prices due to the crypto winter. Overall, it is surely the perfect time to consider parking funds into the RobotEra ecosystem. 

Social media and online presence

Since the day of the announcement, RobotEra has been consistently amassing a community by being active on several social media platforms. Despite being a very new metaverse project, RobotEra has a strong community on social media platforms like Discord and Twitter. Infact, both social media accounts already boast around 10k followers, which goes to show the efficiency of the team in keeping the project alive and trending. 

RobotEra’s Price Potential

Robotera Presale

As seen throughout the article, every development in the RobotEra platform indicates a good future for the TARO token. The project has already gained a huge chunk of followers and seems to add more members every few days. This will eventually convert to demand for the tokens, which means that the price of TARO will ultimately go up. 


While there may be several projects to invest in the industry, it is always the best option to go for one that has the maximum scope for growth. Finding such projects may be difficult, but not entirely impossible. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, RobotEra is an attempt at revolutionizing the metaverse domain with innovative ideas. It manages to tap into a category that is loved by investors and has a lot of popularity. 

Such a project with strong prospects can be a great choice to invest in. Moreover, the presale phase can be an added benefit, since the price is way lower than what it would be post-launch. Since the project is still early in its roadmap, even smaller investments have high upside potential, which means that early investors will have an extra advantage over others. 

Over $300,000 has now been raised at so investors should act quickly before its progresses to its second stage at a higher TARO token price point.

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FAQs on RobotEra Project

Is RobotEra a metaverse project?

Yes, RobotEra is a project that is completely based on building, nurturing, socializing and earning through a virtual world. It opens up opportunities within the virtual landscape by creating NFTs that can be used for various functions.

Can the TORA token 50X in price at some point?

The price of a project cannot be speculated accurately at any point. However, it has been seen time and again that projects with strong fundamentals often end up providing 50-100X returns to investors. Being such a project, it will not be surprising to see TARO perform the same way if not better.

Can a player buy land on RobotEra without owning Robot NFT?

No, a player needs at least one Robot avatar NFT to be able to purchase land on the RobotEra ecosystem. However, once a Robot NFT is acquired, players can easily start accumulating land in order to build income opportunities or simply hold them in the form of investments.

Does RobotEra have an app?

As of now, RobotEra does not feature an app. Infact the product has not launched yet, which means that any developments other than the ones already mentioned on the websites will have to wait. However, it is possible that the growth of the project potentially could compel developers to consider introducing an app in the future.

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