GameFi Crypto Pikamoon Raises $4.25 Million At ICO – What Is $PIKA



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GameFi Crypto Pikamoon is racing through its ICO and has raised more than $4.25 million. The appeal of this P2E project featuring Pokemon-esque creatures is drawing a lot of investors who are interested in its perks.

With its unqiue P2E mechanic featuring Pikamoons – creatures that players can own, raise, and use for battle – Pikamoon is shaping up to be one of the leading gaming cryptos in 2023.

The three-staged presale is still live. Those interested in this project can visit to participate.

Pikamoon – A Unique P2E Ecosystem Defined by a Rich Lore

The world of Pikamoon is known as Dreva, a land of mystical creatures where once only gods resided. These ageless beings wielded enormous power to control all the elements.

First, there were the Earth gods – Gaius, Terran, and Nertha. These conceived the first Pikamoon using the gift of Lifemold.

Later, Water gods – Tritar, Oceana, and Achela joined the earth gods to create a harmonious world. Fire gods – Promethun, Hepha, and Sekh also came to join. But the Earth gods got greedy, not willing to part with the secrets of the Lifemold. They were willing to go to war against the other gods – and the war did happen.

The land of the living became their battleground, with every landscape of this world altering to accommodate the gods. Water gods chose the ocean, Fire gods felt at home near the volcanoes, and Earth gods persisted in their regions.

Their respective Pikamoons fought each other, giving rise to an unending battle.

But hope remains. Travelers – beings from the other universes – are visiting, forming friendships with Pikamoons, and engaging in the battle to stop the world of the living from being engulfed by the darkness.

This narrative’s dark nature, combined with fantastic elements, drives the entire Pikamoon game.

Style Inspired by Fortnight – Gameplay Inspired by Pokemon

The graphical style that Pikamoon has gone with is inspired by Fortnite. We are talking about bright colors and cartoon-esque animations in 3D mode that give characters a Disney-like appeal.

The same art style cascades the environments together, giving them their own personality. The whitepaper states that each location has its own character, defined by the surrounding landscape. The focus of this approach is to give users a world that is fun to interact with and offers a better way to play.

Gameplay Focus – Exploration, Strategy, and Combat

Pikamoon follows three crucial gameplay elements – exploration, strategy, and combat.

Pikamoon is available in two modes – offline campaign and online multiplayer; developers are working deeply on how to make the gameplay and the world richer.

Exploration is done by players using their player characters or their partner PFP. It takes place in real-time, allowing players to cross the lands of Dreva and look for loot, hidden areas, and special bosses.

Combat is clearly inspired by Pokemon. It features turn-based fights between two pikamoons. Players pick an attack at one turn, and the opposing players counter it. Each battle offers experience points and money players can use to level up and buy specialized items.

There is an element of strategy behind combat. Players must think thoroughly before an attack because each ineffective attack means a waste of a turn. Successful attacks against Guardians will allow players to level up and gain more power.

Winning Battles Will Reward Players with $PIKA

Winning those battles will allow players to earn $PIKA, the native token of Pikamoon. This token is the ticker via which players can access the marketplace. It includes healing items, capture devices, boosts, treats, traveler cards, hoverboards, and more.

$PIKA is a deflationary crypto, a GameFi coin with real value and utility. There are a total of 50 billion tokens in total, out of which 30% have been dedicated to the presale. The remaining tools are distributed as follows:

7.5% goes to the liquidity pool
12.5% goes to the team and advisors
10% is for staking rewards
Ecosystem development takes 32% of the total supply
And for marketing, there are 8% of the total tokens dedicated

Pikamoon has embedded a 2.5% transaction tax on sell orders and transfers. However, there is no “buy tax” on $PIKA. The rationale devs have given for this is that they want to punish those for leaving the Pikamoon ecosystem and reward those who wish to hold the tokens. 1% of the transaction tax goes to marketing, 1% to developing the ecosystem, and the last 0.5% is burned to limit the $PIKA supply.

Pikamoon Raises $4.25 Million; Listing Price Already Set

Pikamoon has crossed the $4 million threshold by raising $4.25 million. While the pace was initially slow, current macroeconomic conditions surrounding crypto have bolstered the interest in this token. Investors are flocking toward this unique crypto. Such instances are creating conditions for the price of this token to go through a massive boost once it goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The listing price for this token has already been set to $0.0007. Those looking to make gains from this unique P2E project can visit to participate in this presale.


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