Fury XRPL P2E Online Battle Royale Crypto Presale – Unreal Engine 5


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The next-gen shooter game developed with Unreal Engine 5, Fury is set to be the first blockchain-based console game to release. The initiative is rapidly gathering traction, and has rapidly become a trending topic in the XRP industry, and players are already engaged.

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What is Fury

The game was created by a professional game studio on the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 5, using state of-the-art graphics. The Fury economy tied to the XRPL blockchain and used with their FURY token, ensuring smooth game ecosystem operation along with the NFT XLS-20D standard and the DAO system.

Behind Fury is VO GAMES studio, whose developers have been involved in the development of dozens of apps and AAA games for over five years. The game has attracted the best game developers, blockchain project specialists, marketers and advisers.

Many of the projects have been a remarkable success, which has allowed the studio to gain a firm foothold in the gaming industry. Their game takes all the best aspects (technologies, modes, interface etc.) from popular Web2 shooters and combines them with modern Web3 game solutions.

Fury meets all gameplay standards and fully satisfies all player needs. The game will be available for PC, mobile devices and VR (special game modes).

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Fury Gameplay

Online first- and third-person shooter in which players fight in different parts of the world against military forces and armies of different countries. Fast, bright and large-scale battles in PvP and PvE modes, customization and upgrading of fighters and weapons.

Killing opponents will earn in-game tokens which can buy weapons, equipment and more in their in-game marketplace. Fans of PvP battles can discover ten different modes, combining time-tested classics and intriguing innovations.

How to Buy FURY Token

The FURY token initial DEX offering (IDO) price is 0.00036 XRP each.

Install the XUMM app
Create a wallet and send XRP
Add Trustline
Log in to Sologenic DEX

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Airdrop for IDO BUYERS

Within six months, each IDO customer will receive a FURY and NFT airdrop allocation. The sum will be determined by the value that FURY investors have at the moment of the snapshot.

The snapshot’s creation date is still a secret. Investors can purchase FURY on Sologenic DEX, XUMM, and XRP Toolkit, and the top 200 IDO buyers will also obtain “Captain” NFTs.

Airdrop NFT

By performing tasks or referring users through their Telegram bot, you can obtain their special NFTs.

Game Modes

Their game has the most popular game modes available to attract the maximum number of players, retain and increase engagement and game time. Diverse, professionally assembled and balanced maps help improve your gaming experience. Each game mode will require completely new tactics from the players.

Capture the Flag
Sniper Fight
Battle Royale
Kill Confirmed
Team Deathmatch
Zombie Mode
Grand Battle Royale

In-game Marketplace

The player can also change their appearance, which has no effect on gameplay but adds color and make them stand out. The game is created in both first and third person. All values on the marketplace are denominated in the FURY token.

The marketplace is completely based on blockchain, which means that transactions are made from the player’s wallet to the in-game marketplace.

FURY Tokenomics

The FURY token has a limited supply, meaning that there are only a certain amount of tokens available. This always has a favorable impact on the token’s worth. A total of 20 billion coins are available.

IDO – 35%

Treasury – 19%

Staking – 15%

Team – 10%

Airdrop – 10%

Marketing – 10%

Advisers – 1%

Use of FURY Token

Entry Ticket

The game will have entry ticket payment (from $50), to get into the game a person will have to buy tokens at market value.

Access to Tournaments

FURY token can be used purchased a ticket to enter the tournament. An entry fee is charged to those who wish to participate in the event and use the FURY token for the prize fund.


Staking tokens is used to generate passive income.

Voting in DAO

People with a certain numbers of tokens will be eligible to vote on adding new game content.

Alpha Access

Players will be able to buy early access for FURY, and for meeting certain conditions they will get a chance to double their tokens.

Medium of Exchange

Purchase of weapons, combat vehicles, skins, NFTs, uniforms, and other items that will be involved in the game will be fully funded by FURY.


Users will be able to bet on tournaments.

Growth Model

They believed that people are the most important part of any project. The main goal will be to bring people together. No matter how much you know or how skilled you are in the world of blockchain and digital assets, anyone can become a player. A lot of influencers, bloggers, and streamers will work on the project together.


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