FightOut Presale Hits $2.5M, Announces Athlete Ambassadors – New Crypto Giveaway



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Barely a few days after being announced as a novel Move-to-earn presale, FightOut has raised more than $2.52 million. This metaverse and move-to-earn combing cryptocurrency has hit the ground running by recently onboarding elite athlete ambassadors.

Now only that, taking one step forward towards its roadmap, FightOut’s fitness app is about to drop its invitation-only beta in the first quarter of 2023. And the full version of the application will be launched in the second quarter of 2023.

Accessing this application will be possible through $FGHT, the native cryptocurrency of the FightOut ecosystem. The presale has priced this utility token at a low of $0.0166. The second stage will see the price rising to $0.0333 – allowing those who invest now to make 2x gain even before the cryptocurrency lands on CEX and DEX.

The presale is poised to end on March 31st, 2023, and will be listed on a centralized exchange on April 5th, 2023.

If you are interested in one of the most innovative Move-to-earn projects to come out this year, now is the right time to visit and participate in this presale.

Another big incentive to participate in this presale is the $250k giveaway – where one lucky winner will get $250k worth of $FGHT out tokens. To participate, visit the official website and complete the nine tasks stated on the platform.

Elite Athletes And Fitness Influencers Join FightOut as Ambassadors

The appeal of FightOut has attracted many high-level combat athletes to join the project as Ambassadors. These professionals have amassed a massive online following and proven their mettle in Combat Sports.

Leading the list of Amanda Ribas and Talia Santos. Both are UFC fight stars and are considered among the best athletes in the sport. Amanda Ribas is the 9th best fighter in the UFC strawweight division and is ranking 15th in the flyweight. Talia Santos, on the other hand, ranks number 2 in the Flyweight division of the UFC.

As FightOut’s goal is to make people “fighting” ready, having two representatives who hold a high level of renown in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a great deal. It will allow investors to get access to workout and in-person training from these players so that normal people can also level up their fitness goals.

Savannah Marshall is another addition to this ambassadorial line-up. In addition to being one of the top women boxers in the world, she has achieved the most viewing figures for her fight with Claressa Shields, an American professional fighter. While she already has a healthy number of followers on Instagram – 122k – more are coming thanks to her candid and appreciative attitude after her win against her American contender.

And the final addition to the group this week is Tremayne Dortch. NBC’s Ninja Warrior star, Tremayne Dortch, is one of the best fitness influencers on Instagram. Currently standing at 271k, this following count consists of dedicated fitness enthusiasts willing to heighten their health through elite-level combat fitness.

By onboarding experts of such a high caliber, FightOut is bound to generate more interest in the fitness community.

Presale that Offers More than Only Early Mover Opportunity

FightOut is one of the unique presale tokens we have come across this year. While it gives users the early mover opportunity, the current stage also allows early participants to vest their $FGHT tokens and earn up to a 50% bonus.

While the platform’s earlier plan was to end the bonus in the first phase of the presale – the developers have changed their approach and stated that this bonus would stay till the end of the presale round.

Additionally, to maintain the tokens’ scarcity, the developers have placed a 3-month vesting period on all tokens. It will start at the presale’s conclusion with tokens unlock king every second of the vesting period. Investors will be able to claim these vested amounts at any time. For instance, for unlocking the tokens halfway, investors will get 50% of their bought tokens.

FightOut is a Unique M2E project that takes fitness seriously

While the number of M2E projects has increased, most of them don’t necessarily cater to the fitness crowd as needed. They only track limited movements, and the incentives for meeting fitness goals aren’t high. And to top it all off, getting into the ecosystem isn’t easy.

FightOut is challenging these notions. This fitness app puts inclusivity at its forefront and has what it takes to increase the adoption rate.

Accessing the FightOut app requires $FGHT tokens – the cryptocurrency currently in the presale. And creating an account on the app gifts users with a unique NFT. It is a unique token that:

It doesn’t cost anything;
And is not tradable.

In other words, this NFT is the avatar that permanently represents you in the FightOut metaverse. As you complete fitness challenges and level up your health, your NFT works within the metaverse to level up your health.

Completing the tasks will reward you with REPS. REPS is an in-app currency that you can you to buy accessories to customize the look of your NFT. But its use isn’t limited to the virtual world.

REPS are also used to enter the FightOut gym – the first of which is coming in Q1 of 2023. This currency is also used to pay the fitness trainers and other utilities.

If you are low on REPS but want its benefits, you can buy REPS for $FGHT tokens. $FGHT tokens form the core of the FightOut ecosystem in more than one way. They are not just your way to make monetary gains in this unique M2E space but also stakable assets that provide a lot more than APY. By staking $FGHT tokens, you can get stake-for-membership benefits, including 1-0n-1 training, workspaces within the FightOut gyms, and more.

Underpinning the amazing utilities of the FightOut tokens is the fact that Certik has audited it.

With a token with so many upsides, it would be the right idea for those wanting to move in early to move in right now. Visit the official website to participate in the presale in the current phase to not miss out on the presale-stage-appreciation gains.

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