Empowering Women in Tech: Insights and Inspirations from Leaders in the Field


Welcome to an insightful look at women’s evolving role in tech. In a special episode of “The Talk” @Beincrypto podcast, we hear from Sarah Abuagela and Lubna El Bannan, two tech trailblazers, about their experiences in this dynamic field. 

This article will unpack their stories, highlighting the challenges they’ve overcome and the successes they’ve achieved. It’s a journey through their world, offering lessons on resilience and innovation. Read on to discover how these women are shaping the tech industry and why their contributions are vital for its future.

Breaking Barriers: Early Career Challenges

The journey of Lubna and Sarah, as recounted on “The Talk” @Beincrypto podcast, is a compelling example of a woman navigating her path in a male-dominated tech world, especially in the Middle Eastern context. Her story is one of perseverance and courage in the face of societal norms and expectations that often limit women’s professional aspirations.

Lubna’s career began under challenging circumstances. In a society where the tech industry was largely populated by men, she found herself as one of the few women striving to carve out a place for herself. The societal pressures were immense. In many Middle Eastern cultures, women taking on roles traditionally held by men can be seen as breaking the norm, sometimes attracting criticism and skepticism. Lubna’s experience was no different. She faced an environment where women were expected to take on certain roles, and stepping outside these expectations was not only challenging but also, at times, frowned upon.

Despite these societal hurdles, Lubna’s story is a testament to the power of personal resilience and determination. She didn’t let the male-dominated nature of her industry deter her; instead, she saw it as a challenge to overcome. Her journey highlights an essential truth: breaking barriers is not just about confronting external challenges but also about overcoming internal doubts. Lubna’s persistence in pursuing her passion in tech, despite the odds, showcases the critical role that personal strength and self-belief play in shaping a successful career.

For women entering the tech field, particularly in regions with stringent societal norms, Lubna’s journey is both an inspiration and a reminder. It underscores the importance of staying true to one’s ambitions and the incredible impact of resilience in the face of adversity. Her story encourages aspiring women in tech to embrace challenges as stepping stones towards success and to persevere, no matter the obstacles.

The Role of Role Models and Support Systems in Shaping Women’s Tech Careers

The Power of Personal Role Models

For many women in tech, the journey begins with a personal role model. In the case of Lubna, as revealed on the podcast, this inspiration came from her grandmother. Her grandmother was not just a caretaker but a formidable force managing businesses while raising a family. This portrayal of a woman balancing multiple roles with strength and grace left a lasting impression on Lubna, challenging the traditional notions of what women can achieve. It’s a powerful reminder that role models in our immediate environment can profoundly impact our perceptions and ambitions.

Learning from Early Experiences

Sarah’s story brings another dimension to the importance of role models. Growing up with brothers, she gained early insights into navigating male-dominated spaces. This experience was invaluable in a field like tech, where women often find themselves in the minority. Sarah’s upbringing taught her to assert herself and maintain her identity in challenging environments. Her journey highlights how early life experiences can equip women with the skills necessary to navigate and succeed in their professional lives, especially in industries where gender imbalance is prominent.

The Vital Role of Professional Mentorship

Transitioning from personal to professional life, the role of mentorship in the tech community becomes crucial. Mentorship goes beyond the transfer of knowledge and skills; it’s about having someone to guide you through the industry’s complexities, offer career advice, and provide emotional support. For women in tech, mentors can be advocates, helping them to overcome industry-specific challenges, like gender bias, and empowering them to reach their full potential. The relationship between a mentor and mentee can be a powerful force, offering encouragement, fostering confidence, and opening doors to new opportunities.

Building Supportive Communities

Moreover, the value of a supportive community cannot be understated. In tech, where the pace of change is rapid and the learning curve steep, having a network of support is invaluable. This community can come in many forms – from formal networks and tech groups to informal gatherings and online forums. These communities provide a space for sharing experiences, offering advice, and celebrating successes. They create a sense of belonging and an environment where women can thrive, innovate, and lead.

Diversity in Tech: More Than Just Numbers

The technology industry’s pursuit of diversity is not just about improving statistics; it’s about enriching the sector with varied perspectives that drive innovation and creativity. The insights shared on the podcast, particularly the glass staircase scenario, underline the profound impact of diverse perspectives in technology.

The Glass Staircase: A Lesson in Perspective

This example from the podcast speaks volumes about the necessity of diverse viewpoints in tech design and architecture. The glass staircase, while aesthetically pleasing, overlooked the practicality and comfort of women, a significant user group. This oversight could have been addressed had there been more gender diversity in the design team. Such instances highlight how diverse teams can anticipate and cater to a broader range of needs, leading to more inclusive and user-friendly technological solutions.

The Evolving Landscape of Gender Diversity in Tech

The tech industry has witnessed a gradual but steady shift towards greater gender diversity over the years. This evolution is reflected in both the increasing number of women entering tech fields and the growing recognition of their contributions. Statistics show a rising trend in women’s participation in tech, yet they still represent a minority, especially in leadership roles.

Sarah and Lubna’s experiences provide a glimpse into this evolving landscape. From facing environments where women were a rarity to now seeing more inclusive and diverse teams, their journeys mirror the industry’s gradual progress. They have witnessed firsthand how the inclusion of women brings new ideas, problem-solving approaches, and perspectives that are vital for technological advancements.

Beyond Numbers: The Real Value of Diversity

The real value of diversity in tech lies in the amalgamation of different experiences, backgrounds, and thought processes. When diverse minds collaborate, the potential for innovation multiplies. It’s not just about having women in tech; it’s about what they bring to the table – unique insights, empathy, and an understanding of a wider user base, which can lead to more thoughtful and comprehensive technology solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities in Entrepreneurship

The journey from employment to entrepreneurship in the tech industry is filled with unique challenges and opportunities, especially for women. Insights from the podcast shed light on this transformative experience, emphasizing the hurdles and triumphs encountered by women taking this bold step.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Role

The leap into entrepreneurship often begins with a desire for greater autonomy and the ability to directly implement one’s vision. This transition is not just about a career change; it’s a complete shift in mindset and lifestyle. For women in tech, this move can be daunting, considering the industry’s complex dynamics and gender biases. However, the decision to start their own business often stems from the need to find or create a work environment that aligns more closely with their values and ambitions.

Building Confidence and Negotiation Skills

Key to succeeding as an entrepreneur, particularly in tech, is the development of strong confidence and negotiation skills. These abilities are crucial in securing investments, forging partnerships, and pitching ideas. Women in tech entrepreneurship often face additional challenges, such as overcoming stereotypes and biases. Building confidence becomes an ongoing process, supported by accumulating experiences, celebrating successes, and learning from setbacks. Similarly, negotiation is not just a business skill; it’s also about advocating for oneself and one’s vision in a competitive and sometimes unequal playing field.

Navigating Decision-Making

Decision-making in entrepreneurship is a continuous, often complex process. It involves weighing risks, understanding market dynamics, and making choices that can significantly impact the business’s future. For women entrepreneurs in tech, these decisions can be even more nuanced due to the additional layer of navigating an industry where their choices and leadership styles are often scrutinized differently than their male counterparts.

The Rewards of Entrepreneurship

Despite the challenges, the rewards of entrepreneurship are many. It offers the freedom to innovate, lead, and contribute meaningfully to the tech industry. For women, it also represents an opportunity to pave the way for more gender diversity in tech leadership roles. The journey, as reflected in the experiences shared in the podcast, is one of growth, learning, and empowerment. It’s about creating something new and having a direct hand in shaping the future of technology.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

The struggle for work-life balance is a universal challenge, one that has been particularly highlighted in the tech industry during the pandemic. The shift to remote working, as discussed in the episode, has brought both challenges and opportunities, especially for women in tech.

The Impact of Remote Working

The pandemic-induced shift to remote working created a significant change in how work and personal life intersect. For many women in tech, this transition meant juggling professional responsibilities with personal obligations like childcare and household management, often within the same physical space. While remote working offered flexibility, it also blurred the boundaries between work and home life, leading to longer working hours and challenges in separating professional and personal time.

Opportunities and Challenges

Despite these challenges, remote working also presented opportunities. The flexibility to manage work from home allowed many women to better balance their professional and personal lives. It enabled them to attend to family needs without compromising their work responsibilities, leading to a more integrated approach to managing both aspects of their lives.

However, this new way of working also required significant adjustments. The podcast guests shared their experiences of adapting to remote work, highlighting the need for effective time management, self-discipline, and setting clear boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The ability to work from different locations also opened up new opportunities for collaboration and innovation, as the traditional office environment was redefined.

Women in Tech: Navigating New Norms

For women in tech, the pandemic’s impact on work culture was twofold. On one hand, it provided a platform to demonstrate their adaptability and resilience in the face of change. On the other, it underscored the ongoing challenges women face in achieving a balance between their professional growth and personal well-being.

The podcast guests underscored the importance of support systems, both professional and personal, in navigating these challenges. They highlighted how employers’ understanding and accommodations, such as flexible working hours and mental health support, are crucial in helping women maintain balance and wellbeing.

The Future of Women in Tech: Progress and Potential

The journey towards gender equality in the tech industry is ongoing, marked by significant progress and persistent challenges. Reflecting on the insights shared, it’s clear that while strides have been made, there’s still a considerable path ahead to achieve true gender parity in tech.

Celebrating Progress

The progress made in recent years towards gender equality in tech is undeniable. More women are entering the field, breaking barriers, and making their mark in various tech roles. Initiatives focused on encouraging girls and young women to pursue STEM education have begun to bear fruit, leading to a more diverse talent pipeline. The presence of women in tech, once a rarity, is gradually becoming more commonplace, signaling a shift in industry norms and attitudes.

Addressing Persistent Gaps

However, significant gaps remain. Wage disparities between men and women in tech persist, reflecting a broader systemic issue that extends beyond the tech industry. Furthermore, women are still underrepresented in leadership roles within tech companies. This underrepresentation not only impacts women’s career advancement but also affects how technology is developed and deployed, potentially limiting the diversity of perspectives in tech solutions.

The podcast guests shared personal experiences that highlighted these gaps. They spoke about the challenges women face in climbing the corporate ladder, negotiating salaries, and being recognized for their contributions. These stories underscore the need for ongoing efforts to address wage gaps and promote more inclusive leadership structures in tech.

An Optimistic Outlook

Despite these challenges, the outlook for women in tech is optimistic. The increasing awareness and discussion around gender disparities are prompting action from both individuals and organizations. Companies are beginning to implement more equitable hiring practices, mentorship programs, and policies that support women’s career advancement.

The guests on the podcast expressed hope for the future, emphasizing the role women will play in shaping the tech industry. They envision a tech world where women’s contributions are valued equally, where leadership reflects the diversity of the workforce, and where women have equal opportunities to succeed and innovate.

A Collaborative Future

The future of women in tech is not just about individual success; it’s about building a more inclusive and diverse industry. This future involves collaboration between men and women, ongoing advocacy for equality, and a commitment from tech companies to foster environments where everyone can thrive. As the industry continues to evolve, the potential for women to lead, innovate, and shape the future of technology is boundless.

“Women could really do the job, and we’re going there.” 

We’ve seen the resilience and determination of women breaking barriers, the impact of role models and support systems, the significance of diversity beyond mere numbers, the unique challenges and rewards in entrepreneurship, and the quest for work-life balance. These themes are not just stories but reflections of a broader movement towards a more inclusive tech world.

Key Takeaways

Breaking Barriers: Women in tech are continuously overcoming societal and professional hurdles, showcasing resilience and determination.

The Power of Role Models and Support: The influence of personal role models and the importance of mentorship and supportive communities are pivotal in shaping the careers of women in tech.

Diversity Beyond Numbers: Diversity in tech goes beyond gender statistics; it’s about bringing varied perspectives that drive innovation and better solutions.

Entrepreneurial Journeys: The shift from employment to entrepreneurship for women in tech is filled with unique challenges but also offers substantial rewards and personal growth.

Work-Life Balance: The pandemic-induced remote working era has highlighted the struggles and opportunities in achieving a work-life balance for women in tech.

Future Prospects: While significant progress has been made in bringing more women into tech, challenges like wage disparities and underrepresentation in leadership persist. Yet, the future looks optimistic with ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive environment.

Dive deeper into their stories that are redefining success and innovation in the digital age. Their conversation is not just about breaking barriers; it’s a testament to the transformative power of women in technology. It’s an exploration that goes beyond overcoming challenges — it’s a narrative of empowerment and inspiration. Listen in for a deeper understanding of how these trailblazing women are steering the tech world towards a more inclusive and dynamic future.

Written By : Daniel Jacob


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