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Crypto Costa reviewed the Fight Out platform and its native token FGHT, which will reward users for adopting a holistic healthy lifestyle. With its new app, the project is meant to improve the fitness sector by enabling users to receive rewards for completing exercises.

Crypto Costa Fight Out Analysis

By giving users an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while exercising, the start-up intends to revolutionize the way we exercise. Fight Out works to enhance the idea of Move-to-Earn platform. They track more than just steps, but all forms of fitness activity, including gym sessions, will be measurable through technological methods.

Fight Out also launches its metaverse. When making an account for the app, users can create their own digital NFT avatar. This is their Fight Out self, and since it is soulbound, it can’t be sold or given to someone else.

Win amazing prizes and continue on your fitness journey. Prepare for the weekly fitness challenge brought to you by Fight Out and Real Crypto Jamie.

Users will be able to get into the Fight Out metaverse, where they can test their physical skills along with those of other community members. The user’s NFT avatar is a digital representation of the user’s real-world skill. As the user gets stronger in the real world, their NFT avatar’s strength stat and any abilities that go with it also get stronger.

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Stage Two FGHT Token

The platform’s web3 ecosystem will be powered by the cryptocurrency FGHT, an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum. Users will pay with FGHT to enter tournaments and leagues, and prizes will also be paid out in FGHT. Peer-to-peer fitness wagers can also be made using the FGHT token. Guide on how to buy FGHT token.

At the time of writing, almost $4.3 million has been raised in the FGHT presale. Currently, one FGHT token costs $0.023. Every twelve hours, the price of FGHT tokens keeps increasing, reaching its highest price of $0.0333 on the 31st of March, when the presale concludes.

Vesting Update

The team decided to remove the three month mandatory vesting period following hundreds of requests from the wider community. They’ve taken note, and decided to change things, believing this will benefit the Fight Out project.

From now on, if you buy FGHT you can choose to leave your tokens fully unvested. If you choose to vest for a longer time period you will receive bonus tokens. Additionally, everyone who bought FGHT tokens before February 15 at 10 a.m. UTC are getting a bonus of 10% extra tokens.

Regardless of the vesting period you chose. This means that even if you only vested for three months, you’ll still get an awesome bonus boost. If you decide to buy more FGHT, now enjoy fully unvested tokens and even bigger bonuses on your next purchase.


Fight Out (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

FightOut token

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FightOut token

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