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After a massive upsurge in January, the crypto market may have been looking for a retracement, since it took a sudden fall at the start of February and has fallen by close to 5% again on Tuesday. Almost every other major altcoin is displaying red figures, as the market fell below 1 Trillion in market cap today.

In the current market conditions there are still several coins that maintain a positive performance, and here are a few we think would make for a sound investment.

1. BinaryX (BNX)

BNX, the official token of BinaryX, recently underwent an upsurge and the token has increased by over 55% over the week itself, and more than 140% since the start of the year. The trading volume of the token to has increased quite a lot in the last 24 hours, given the rise in investors’ interest in the token amidst a falling market.

BinaryX was initially introduced as a decentralized derivative trading system, while it is currently a GameFi and IGO platform after it shifted to developing decentralized video games. The company is behind major popular play-to-earn games such as CyberDragon and CyberChess, which run on the BNB chain and host a community of over 100k coin holders and 30k monthly active wallets.

Recently, BinaryX announced its plans to split its token BNX and expand its range of games in 2023. A DAO vote was conducted to decide the split of the token, which received overwhelming support where 99.5% of voters agreed to split.

This move was done to lower the threshold of overall spending and increase the adoption of BNX tokens among new users as well as offer utility and higher consumption. After the split, BNX tokens will be divided in a ratio of 1:100, increasing the supply 100 times.

The company also plans on increasing the number of games they offer as well as disclosed intentions of introducing virtual reality and augmented reality games to its product selection in the second half of the year. So far, all these updates from the company indicate a positive outlook for the future, making the BNX token a worthwhile investment.

2. Curve Dao (CRV)

Curve dao token

Amidst a turbulent market, the official token of Curve Dao, CRV, has experienced positive gains recently and is making headlines throughout the day. The token has increased by over 14% in just under 24 hours, with the trigger relating to Tether’s minting of 1 billion USDT tokens.

Curve Finance has been benefiting from the SEC’s attention towards stablecoins, since the company will be issuing its own stablecoin crvUSD after legal action on Binance’s stablecoin, and this has drawn attention to and thus increased the price of CRV tokens.

CRV token is used to grant rights to participating in the Curve DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization and the ability to influence decisions related to the protocol’s management. The Curve DeFi protocol, on the other hand, connects users who are interested in exchanging their stablecoins for ERC-20 tokens.

Curve leverages liquidity pools for facilitating exchanges with low transaction fees and minimal slippage. Liquidity pools are supported by liquidity tokens and incentivize liquidity providers to deposit tokens in the pools. This maintains the desired level of prices for transaction costs, while liquidity providers receive necessary rewards for depositing their assets in the liquidity pools.

Curve DAO Token serves as the fuel for the Curve DeFi protocol, which itself serves as an automated market maker and decentralized exchange. Rather than depending on order books, AMMs conduct trades automatically through different liquidity pools. This serves as a major answer for how Curve DAO works for the future of DeFi.

3. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild’s MEMAG is just three days away from closing its presale, and there is literally no better time than now to get in on the project. The presale is live on the website, and MEMAG tokens are available to purchase for 0.023 USDT. Having raised over $4.33 million, the presale is super close to its target of $4.97 million.

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) aims to disrupt the world of mobile web3 gaming with its offering of a wide range of mobile games, starting with Meta Kart Racers. A typical racing game where players battle all the obstacles to make it to the finish line and complete challenges to earn a reward in return.

Meta Masters World is the second title in MMG’s game offerings, which is a full-blown metaverse where players can do anything they want. In the metaverse, players can experiment with a bunch of ways to establish and earn from an in-game economy. The game is currently under development and will be live shortly after the release of its first game.

To close it all off, the guild will offer a third game by the name of Raid NFTs. This game is expected to become highly successful with the growth and adoption of NFT gaming, as well as the integration of play-to-earn mechanisms that’ll define the future of casual gaming.

All rewards in the game will be paid in GEMS, an off-chain currency that can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens. MEMAG tokens on the other hand will be used for transactions on the network as well as governance. This separation is essential since it provides a way to save the in-game economy during a market downfall, protecting users’ assets inside the game.

4. Fight Out (FGHT)

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your workout routines because they’re not fun, yield no results or simply there’s no motivation to go to the gym. Well, you’re not alone. There are millions out there who face the same problem, and Fight Out is here with an effective solution.

FightOut presale

Fight Out comes out with a mobile app where you can get workout tutorials to get your workout journey started, especially if you’re a beginner. There will also be personalized workout routines, tailored specially to address your exact needs. You will also be able to get professional guidance, about anything that relates to fitness.

Every user in the app will have their own NFT avatar, which will track and reflect all the progress you’ve made with your workouts. The project doesn’t just stick to the digital screen though, as it plans to build 20 physical Fight Out gyms that can be accessed with the help of the app. The platform has also onboarded professional athletes to offer the best guidance to its users.

These athletes will offer high-quality instructional videos, and hold challenges as well as special events in the physical gyms where players will be rewarded for their performance. Rewards on the platform will be paid in the form of REPS tokens, which can be converted to FGHT, the official token of the platform. The FGHT token will be used for all transactions on the platform as well as the physical gym, and will also be used for governance.

FightOut DeFi

Fight Out presale is making a lot of noise in the industry lately and has raised well over $4.1 million so far. The price of FGHT tokens will progressively increase until the end of the presale, while it is currently available to purchase for 0.02183 USDT. The presale will close on March 21st, and the tokens will be available to trade on centralized exchanges as of April 5th. The listing price for the tokens will be 0.0333 USDT.

5. C+Charge (CCHG)

Here to solve a massive problem associated with electric vehicle (EV) charging, C+Charge has come up with a mobile app that’ll help users pay for their EV charging with just one method of payment across all charging stations in the world.

C+Charge will interlink all the available charging stations as well as build its own EV charging stations that can be tracked on the app so that a user can see what charging point is the nearest. Once they’ve located the station, users can pay for their charging with CCHG tokens, the native token of the platform.


Upon charging their EVs, users will receive carbon credits which can be sold individually or can be converted to CCHG tokens, effectively helping reduce the price of charging. In addition to this, the tokens will also be used to make any other transactions on the application.

The presale for the CCHG token is currently live where users can purchase the tokens for 0.0145 USDT in the current round of the presale, which will end in less than two days. In the next round, the price of this token will increase to 0.016 USDT. Once the presale is complete, CCHG tokens will list on centralized exchanges on Friday, March 31st.

6. RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is a new and exciting crypto project that has been consistently in the news lately. It aims to take players on a virtual journey to Taro, a planet that has been destroyed. Players will be tasked with activities to bring the planet back to life.

Every player will take on the role of a robot, which are NFTs that can be customized and sold on the market. The robots will be responsible for organizing social events, building infrastructure, and generally contributing to the restoration of the planet.

RobotEra NFT Game

The game offers players to make money while they’re having fun. Players will be rewarded for completing challenges, selling their NFTs, and minting and staking TARO tokens, the native token of the project. Players can also organize events and charge other players for entry tickets to earn a passive income. And these are just a few ways you can make money in the metaverse that provides unlimited opportunities.

Investors who wish to become a part of the project can join the token presale, where TARO tokens are being sold for 0.020 USDT. This price will be live until the end of the current stage of the presale, after which investors will have to pay 0.025 USDT to purchase TARO tokens.

So far, the project has raised over $866,000 and continues to attract more investment every single day. Get in on the presale as soon as possible, and become part of a promising project that’s expected to grow over 30x in 2023.


Today, we took a look at a few tokens that displayed quite an impressive performance, given the current market conditions. However, don’t go just with that if you’re planning to invest. Thoroughly research a coin’s fundamentals, price history and future roadmap before making the decision to add it to your portfolio.

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