Biggest Crypto Gainers Today December 28


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As the year 2022 approaches its end, selling pressure has become a common theme in the cryptocurrency market. If your goal is to make large returns from the crypto market in a short time, it is best to find promising new cryptos with pioneering visions and ambitious roadmaps. To help you navigate the murky waters of the crypto winter, we present the biggest crypto gainers today with respect price and presale performances.

Biggest Crypto Gainers Today

Beefy Finance (BIFI)

Beefy Finance (BIFI) passes as the first amongst the biggest crypto gainers today flashing a long green candlestick, having gone up 16% in the past 24 hours to trade at $367 at the time of writing. It currently records a market cap of $28.89 million, positioning it at #431 on CoinMarketCap.

The yield optimizer takes advantage of the low fees offered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and programmatically automates actions to deliver better yield opportunities for its users.

The present rally has seen the BIFI price break past two critical resistance levels offered by the 50-day and 100-day simple moving averages (SMAs) and is currently facing a barrier at the $372.6 level, which if broken, would set the BIFI price to test the next barrier offered by the 200-day SMA at $380. 

If bulls manage to raise the BIFI price past these critical zones, BIFI price may ascend to confront resistance from the next barrier at $443.5, and in extreme cases, target the local high at the $600 level. 

BIFI’s upward outlook was validated by the upward movement of the relative strength index (RSI), a sign that there `re more buyers than sellers in the BIFI market and will potentially push the price higher.

BIFI/USDT Daily Chart

TradingView Chart: BIFI/USD

On the flip side, if the current buying pressure is capped and the bulls lose the support offered first by the $346 level where the 100-day and 50-day SMAs appeared to converge, then the BIFI price may lose all the gains covered today to retest the support floor at $305.9. 

Meta (META)

META BSC prides itself on being a truly 100% community-owned project without any formal developer or marketing wallets. Instead, it focuses on the distribution of high-yield BNB-pegged SHIBA INU rewards to all holders of the token. Other specifics include a 2% per transaction funding the liquidity provider (LP) of the project, while the rest (10% on buys, 15% on sells) goes back to the holders automatically.

At its core, META is a meme and rewards token that has remarkably positioned itself for a presence in the upcoming Metaverse as it continues to evolve toward mainstream adoption. 

The Meta (META) crypto is also among the biggest crypto gainers today, trading at $0.00000017 after making a 0.91% climb in the last 24 hours. It currently records a market cap of $172,208. The gains are part of its aim to distinguish itself from a wide array of short-lived, unreliable projects. To this end, META is actively harnessing its community effect by creating a fun platform for meme-fueled crypto.

Accordingly, the META community is actively innovating; first by launching their Official DApp; enabling users to view and claim their pending SHIB rewards at their leisure, as well as upcoming games presently in development. 

META BSC plans to release new and enjoyable features constantly for its community members. This follows the project development team’s broader vision of a system capable of integrating directly into VR applications and the Metaverse.

FightOut (FGHT)

Although FightOut is not the first project to employ the move-to-earn (M2E) concept, it is among those thriving. Move-to-earn projects such as STEPN attracted a lot of traction during their initial phase, but never made it to mainstream adoption because, despite the potential of the concept, common limitations of blockchain applications limited it, among them being a high investment and technical barriers that most laymen will not try to cross. But FightOut is different!

FightOut introduces a more powerful user acquisition strategy, which is driving the value of $FGHT tokens now and in the coming years. The project has ensured that entertainment and workout aspects remain intact as a means of maintaining the project’s momentum.

In essence, FightOut factors in the intense workout regime used by athletes in readiness for competitions to gain cardio, strength, muscular endurance, and wellness. Gamers can also gain significant competitive advantages by focusing on specific areas. FightOut factors in multiple stark and subtle principles with a holistic approach to fitness.

The $FGHT presale is currently ongoing, providing one of the best opportunities for investing invest in the FightOut ecosystem, and is made better by the time-limited bonus. Investing in FightOut during the early stages of the presale is the way to go, particularly for those looking to book the highest returns. The presale supports purchases in ETH, USDT, and credit card (via Transak).

Visit Fightout Here

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is the ideal solution for anyone looking to score more profits as a trader in the cryptocurrency market. It is an analytics and intelligence platform dedicated to helping traders take their trading and investment results to the next level. 

On its dashboard, Dash 2 Trade offers actionable trading signals, market predictions, and social analysis that traders can benefit from, as they would help them make decisions from an informed point of view and potentially beat the market. 

The team behind Dash 2 Trade is cognizant of the fact that one of the most notable success factors for traders is their ability to make decisions based on actionable insights. This is exactly what Dash 2 Trade seeks to provide to traders.

Besides the actionable trading signals, Dash 2 Trades also provides thorough market insights that will help traders in creating their market-beating strategies. Other than these, the dashboard also presents news and on-chain metrics section where traders can keep current with the market.

Among the Dash 2 Trade platform’s most desirable features are its state-of-the-art presale/ICO scoring system that aids investors in assessing whether projects are legitimate right from their presale stages. To do this, the Dash 2 trade team performs manual scoring of presales to analyze metrics that cannot be evaluated by automatic software. Afterward, they provide a score of the presale. The ultimate goal is to ensure that traders do not fall victim to scams, honeypots, and rug pulls.

Dash 2 Trade hosted a presale in 2022, which gained widespread attention. The presale was for the utility token behind the project, D2T, which is required to pay the subscription to access the platform. So far, the token presale has raised more than $10.36 million, with 66.8 million tokens left in stage 4. 

Visit Dash 2 Trade here

Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is an Ethereum-based NFT card battling game poised to introduce a wave of non-crypto natives to the metaverse. The project is structured to target the traditional as well as the crypto gamers and comes in the form of a  fun play-to-earn (P2E) game that can rival AAA card-battling titles on the market today.

Gotbit, famous for building markets and utilities for web 3.0, has also seen the potential of the Calvaria project and has signed a collaboration with the project. 

The future for Calvaria will be explosive beginning now, into 2023, and beyond, as the project is the first version of its kind. Accordingly, developers are looking to attract casual players through the free-to-play version, which does not include a crypto wallet and can be downloaded on Google Play and App Stores. Using this as the jumping-off point, some of these non-crypto natives will move on to the P2E version after honing their skills and improving their gameplay so that they can begin earning from their gaming skills.

Calvaria’s theme is set in the afterlife, beyond the veil of death. The first game is called Duels of Eternity, which makes it possible for users to duel, earn and upgrade their deck of cards to become the ultimate force in the afterlife. 

With its debut, Calvaria plays an ambassadorial role for crypto through the provision and use of words such as ‘blockchain’ and ‘Web3’ among its primary marketing material. With its in-depth battle mechanics, Calvaria has attracted a range of gamers. 

Notably, to feature among the top gainers today, the game is gaining significant traction within the crypto sector owing to its distinguished features, including user-oriented DAO, mini-games to earn more funds, in-game staking functions, and scholarship proposals.

Calvaria is currently hosting a presale for the native token of the game, RIA, which fuels the Calvaria ecosystem and provides rewards for the P2E version of the game. 

Visit Calvaria here


The metaverse concept is fascinating bringing the gap that separates the real world and the virtual world. The implementation of this idea in most crypto projects across 2021 and 2022 has led many investors and traders to record significant profits. RobotEra provides an entirely distinct dynamic to the metaverse, making sure that players own their robots and develop their land in whichever way they deem fit. 

Moreover, a player can collect resources, cultivate sacred trees, and create robot companions, which are tradable NFT assets.

RobotEra is a metaverse project with the same concept as the Sandbox, where players, through their character robots, can actively explore and rebuild the virtual world of planet Taro by leveraging their own creative imagination. This digital asset enables you to participate in virtual open-world exploration and development. 

The project is committed to providing an interactive gaming experience while at the same time delivering the best earning opportunity for its community of users. Within the metaverse, players are also allowed to develop anything based on their imagination and share it with other players (robots) or NFT communities based within the game.

Interestingly, RobotEra is currently in the presale stage and has already surpassed the $599,000 mark. As such, this gives anyone interested in the project the chance to acquire some of the 270 million TARO available. 

TARO makes our list of the biggest crypto gainers today because its presale is selling out rapidly, and crypto whales are delighted to get a large scoop of this token. 

Visit RobotEra here

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