Ben Armstrong Allegedly Arrested and Incarcerated


Ben Armstrong, the former face of BitBoy, has allegedly been arrested following an unusual YouTube livestream and an altercation with a police officer.

In a livestream that has since been deleted, Armstrong intentionally left the video on while interacting with a police officer and acknowledged having a weapon in his car.

Significant Audience Witnesses Armstrong’s Altercation

The livestream clip was previously removed but has widely circulated on X (formerly Twitter). Ben Armstrong appeared to confront the police before his arrest. He displayed visible discomfort when questioned about the other occupants of the car.

He initiated the livestream by announcing his presence outside Carlos Diaz’s house. Diaz is a former collaborator from his time with the BitBoy brand. Armstrong claimed that Diaz had possession of his Lamborghini.

Ben Armstrong on Livestream. Source: Ramekin X account

Following repeated demands from the police officer to disclose the car’s occupants, Armstrong eventually confessed that a woman with whom he had previously had an affair was in the car.

“Cassie is in my trunk, my wife is aware we are here. My wife knows we came to do this. Cassie is the girl I had an affair with, she is involved in the situation. My wife knows.”

Armstrong then informs the police officer that he is currently on a YouTube livestream with an audience of around 2,500 viewers. He subsequently acknowledges not having a weapon on his person but confesses to having one in his vehicle.

“No I do not, I have one in my vehicle, but I do not have one on me.”

It sent the crypto community into spades online.

Several users shared the video online, while blockchain investigator ZachXBT responded directly to a post made by Armstrong prior to the livestream. Armstrong had announced his intention to go live shortly from a “special location” on YouTube.

ZachXBT responded with “special location” and posted an arrest notice from the Gwinnett County Sheriff.

Gwinnett County Sheriff Arrests. Ben Armstrong Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff
Gwinnett County Sheriff Arrests. Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff

Meanwhile, crypto scam investigator Coffeezilla suggested to his 560,000 followers he found Armstrong’s behavior disturbing:

“You DO NOT understand how unhinged this really is. Ben Armstrong just showed up at an ex-employee’s (Carlos) house who he accuses of “stealing his lambo”. He decides to bring a WEAPON and the woman he cheated on his wife with??”


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