BarnBridge Trading Volume Halves as Coin’s Attraction Wanes. Experts Are Shifting to This Meme Coin


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BarnBridge’s trading volume has halved as its overall appeal diminishes, as it once was a significant player in the crypto space. BurnBridge (BOND) is currently trading at $2.90, with $2.193 million in 24-hour volume. In the last 24 hours, BarnBridge has been down 0.47%. There’s been a drop of 2.96% in the last week.

The Burn Kenny Meme Coin is rising, and experts are taking notice. The exciting shift reflects cryptocurrency’s dynamic nature, where trends and preferences change fast. Burn Kenny’s rise highlights meme coins’ growing influence and ability to captivate traders and investors in the ever-evolving crypto space.

BarnBridge (BOND) Statistics:

BOND price now – $2.90
BOND market cap – $22.922 Million
BOND circulating supply – 7,910,262 BOND
BOND total supply – 10,000,000 BOND
BOND Coinmarketcap ranking – 548

Source: CoinMarketCap

BurnBridge (BOND) Price Analysis: 4H Chart Breakouts

There are two intense resistance levels on the 4H chart: $2.954 and $2.986. If it surpasses these levels, the price could grow a lot. Then it could go up to $3.104 or $3.134. A further gain could push the price to $3.181, a resistance level.

BarnBridge Trading Volume Halves as Coin's Attraction Wanes. Experts Are Shifting to This Meme Coin
Source: TradingView 4H Chart

BurnBridge (BOND) could drop if it doesn’t break through $2.954. Around $2.867 is the first level of support to watch. The price of BOND is currently forming a significant support level at around $2.784.

There might be more declines if the price breaks through $2.784. The price could go as low as $2.717, the lowest since June 23rd. Crypto investments come with inherent risks, so investors should be careful.

Alternative BarnBridge

KENNY (Burn Kenny), a token inspired by South Park’s Kenny, has raised $257k in just 1 hour. In addition to its deflationary nature, KENNY burns 30% of its supply soon after it’s released. With a low circulating supply, the token is expected to gain value over time.

Burn Kenny’s captivating branding and potential for appreciation make it worth checking out. Take a look at the full Burn Kenny pre-sale video! Jacob Crypto Bury’s YouTube channel has more crypto content you’ll love.

Get trading tips and stay up-to-date on upcoming crypto presales on his Discord channel with 16k members.

Burn Kenny Presale: Transparency, Security, and Abundant Liquidity!

Burn Keeny’s presale has already raised $390k. With a hard maximum of $500k and a set price of $0.0001875, this covert launch has sparked immense interest. The team’s secret to success is partnerships with influential figures and reputable crypto news sites.

This presale has no minimum or maximum investment requirement, making it fair for all participants. Pre-sales prevent early adopters from taking advantage of latecomers with ETH, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and other Wallet Connect options.

This project ensures abundant liquidity and eliminates the risk of rug pulls or pump-and-dump schemes, with 2.6 billion tokens (40%) offered in the presale and 30% reserved for liquidity. The security promises a lot of trading volume and fair trades.

The creators are anonymous, but their Web3 presence and proven track record give them credibility. Burn Kenny’s connections with exchanges and alpha investing groups make them great partners.

The Burn Kenny ecosystem implements a strategic token-burning process to decrease the overall supply gradually, enhancing scarcity and increasing the potential value of the remaining tokens. The team will burn 30% of the token supply 24 hours after launch, sparking investor interest. Don’t miss out on the KENNY presale.

Visit BurnKenny here

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