A New Metaverse Promises to Bring Dramatic Video Game Combat in A Realistic Virtual Environment


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A new metaverse, which has recently received $250,000 to expand functionality, promises to be epic and expansive. Users can design their own avatars in Moonland and discover new cities. They will be able to start their own businesses or perhaps own land. Beyond social gatherings and combat zones, Moonland will host breathtaking concerts that will be genuinely extraordinary.

Holders of the initial batch of NFTs produced by Moonland’s development and design team will have access to a beta version of the metaverse. This is an essential first step in creating a multi-chain metaverse that will accept a wide variety of other brands and cryptocurrency games.

Powerful Alliances

The team at Moonland is made up of driven, gifted individuals who have achieved success in the tech industry. They also promise to make this metaverse epic and wide-ranging. Recently, the project received a $250,000 grant to build out its capabilities and include it into the Qtum NFT ecosystem.

The development of Moonland may be closely followed by fans on Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Telegram, and a special podcast called This is Moonland. The group has spent the last nine months putting a focus on platform programming and integration while using Unreal Engine 5 to create their virtual environment. Additionally, a library of 10,000 NFTs has been created utilizing in-game resources, and testing is currently underway for NFT-based companion animals, vehicles, and weapons.

Next, What?

Future plans include inviting devoted community members to explore the multiplayer pre-alpha environment of Moonland. The objective of this exercise is to stress test game servers and ensure that they can handle demand. The team will also concentrate on creating a metropolis for players to enjoy, replete with malls and other amenities, within the metaverse.

In addition, Moonland plans to introduce its first NFT collection as well as integrate with other video games. A specialized market place where digital items found in the metaverse can be bought and traded will come after this. Another main focus is creating alliances with Web2 companies and other crypto games. To further boost buzz, in-person events will be held.


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