8 Best Crypto Giveaways for Investors in December 2022


One of the best things about cryptocurrencies is that several crypto projects offer free tokens during the early stages of their development. The aim of the giveaways is to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies which is a part of their marketing campaign. For investors, it is a great way to get free tokens without putting money at risk. Moreover, free tokens can be of high benefit if the project gets popular and its value increases in the future. 

In most cases, the requirements to participate in these giveaways are extremely simple. The developing team simply asks to accomplish some easy tasks and hold a certain amount of their crypto. These tasks can be connected to promoting them on social media, visiting their website, referring friends, etc. 

If you want to find the best crypto giveaways and take part in them, you are in the right place. In our guide, you will find the top 8 crypto giveaways with detailed information about their projects and participation terms. We also explained in detail what the giveaways are or how they work, and covered the complete process of getting the best crypto giveaways.

Top 8 Cryptocurrency Giveaways in December 2022

If you are looking for the best crypto giveaways here is a quick list of the top 8 giveaways that are popular in 2022. 

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Trading Analytics and Tools Providing Platform with a $150k Giveaway
IMPT – Green Cryptocurrency Token that Holds with $100k Giveaway
Calvaria – Popular Card Gaming Blockchain Project with $100k Giveaway
Lucky Block – Decentralized Competing Platform with Daily Draws and Luxurious Prizes
Tamadoge – Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game with the Largest Crypto Giveaway
Battle Infinity – Exciting Metaverse Gaming Platform with that Plans to Hold a Large Giveaway
Coinbase – Leading Crypto Trading Platform with Several Prizes and Rewards
Crypto.com – Decentralized Exchange with $25 Reward for Referral 

Top Crypto Giveaways Reviewed – Full List

In this section, we have shed light on the best crypto giveaways that have been selected for us through our in-depth analyses of the crypto market. Before entering the giveaway it is important to explore the project and to understand whether it is worth your time and effort or not. You may even come across several scams and you need to be careful not to provide your wallet details to suspicious platforms.

We understand that there is a myriad of crypto airdrops and giveaways which makes it a hard task to analyze all of them and select the best ones. Hence, we have combined the 8 best crypto giveaways to ease the process for you and have reviewed them in detail including also the details about entering the giveaways.

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Trading Analytics and Tools Providing Platform with a $150k Giveaway

Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency project aiming to bring innovations into crypto trading and take it to the next level. The project’s native token is called D2T which is currently in the presale stage at the price of $0.0513. In fact, it is one of the most successful crypto presales over the past few years. Simultaneously, Dash 2 Trade carries out a huge giveaway that will grant the lucky one $150k worth of D2T tokens. The giveaway is active for the next 3 months but there are already more than 17,000 entries into it. 

Entering the Dash 2 Trade giveaway includes the following simple steps. While holding $150 worth of D2T tokens is a must to be a part of it there are several other ways to win extra entries and increase your winning chances. The tasks with the most entries are tweeting about Dash 2 Trade and retweeting its posts. But you can also take extra entries by referring your friends, following the project on social media, joining it on Telegram, etc. 

Dash 2 Trade is currently among the most popular newly launched crypto projects. It’s worth considering for its multiple features and tools designed to contribute to the development of crypto trading. The platform provides advanced trades with a bunch of useful tools to build strong strategies and be on top of the crypto market. 

The platform claims to have more than 70,000 active traders and supports such trading tools as crypto signals, presale launched, social sentiment and on-chain data analysis, strategy builder tools, and crypto listing alerts. According to the platform, these tools will help to find proven methods and strategies to maximize your benefits from crypto trading. 

Dash 2 Trade’s native token is an integral part of the network that will unlock your access to the platform’s packages and various tools and services. Once the D2T token ends its presale it will be listed on exchanges and be traded at a higher price. The maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is 1 billion D2T tokens. 70% of the tokens are provided to sell during the presale stage. The team managed to sell out all the tokens for stages 1 and 2. 

See our full guide on how to buy D2T.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Giveaway

IMPT – Green Cryptocurrency Token that Holds with $100k Giveaway

The IMPT project is another cryptocurrency with a huge giveaway granting the lucky participant with $100k worth of IMPT tokens. It is an environmentally-friendly crypto project aiming to incentivize carbon credits and contribute to solving climate change-related problems. The giveaway is available for those who hold $100 worth of its native token which you can buy on its platform for $0.023. 

The giveaway will finish in 5 months and it has already gathered more than 60,000 entries. One of the reasons why there are so many entries is that IMPT gives 10 entries for joining its Telegram and Discord channels, and mentioning two friends in your tweet about the project. You can also earn 5 entries for retweeting its post while providing your digital wallet address, following it on Twitter, visiting its Instagram and other tasks will bring you 1 entry for each.


IMPT is one of the most exciting projects in the crypto market right now. Its main idea is to turn carbon credits into NFTs which users can get in different ways. One of the methods is to purchase them through IMPT tokens. IMPT also partners with several brands which agreed to grant carbon credits to the users who buy items or services from their shops. 

These NFTs can later be stored either to sell them for a higher price or to burn them and reduce the number of carbon emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere. In this way, IMPT combines blockchain technology and NFTs with carbon credits to make the process of reducing carbon emissions more transparent. IMPT is a new project and its token is currently in the second presale stage. There will be one more presale stage which together is expected to sell more than 60% of its 3 billion IMPT tokens. 

Update – the IMPT presale is now set to end on December 11th, due to high demand. Only a few days remain to get involved in this presale and also its crypto giveaway. IMPT token will be listed on LBank, Changelly and Uniswap exchanges.

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Calvaria – Popular Card Gaming Blockchain Project with $100k Giveaway

Calvaria is a blockchain card game with a native token, RIA, which is currently in the presale stage. As Calvaria’s presale was a success the team decided to reward RIA investors by organizing a $100k worth RIA giveaway. Calvaria’s giveaway has got huge popularity with more than 150,000 entries in the draw and there are 28 days left to take part in it. When the giveaway entry ends, Calvaria will select three winners. 

The first-prize winner will get $70k worth of Calvaria tokens while the second and third winners will be rewarded with $20k and $10k worth of RIA tokens. Holding $100 worth of RIA tokens is mandatory to enter the giveaway but there are many other tasks you can accomplish for extra entries. For example, you can get 25 entries tweeting with the #calvariagang hashtag, daily retweets, and friend references. Joining Calvaria’s Telegram channel and chat will bring you an extra 25 entries for each task. Other tasks include joining Calvaria’s Discord, following its tweeter, etc. 


As a native token of Calvaria’s ecosystem, RIA plays an important role within its network. It has both governance and utility uses. As a utility token RIA can be earned by playing Calvaria and winning the decks. Players get new tokens not only for winning their opponents but also for the time they spend playing the game. The tokens can be used to buy new cards and build more powerful combinations to win battles. 

RIA tokens can also be staked, and holders can lock up their coins to get extra rewards daily. As a governance token, RIA grants its holders the ability to vote on crucial decisions about Calvaria’s ecosystem. Calvaria will issue a maximum supply of 1 billion RIA tokens, and 30% of the tokens are planned to sell during the presale. Currently, the project is carrying out the 4th stage of its presale and it has 90% progress of selling the tokens.

Visit Calvaria Giveaway

Lucky Block – Decentralized Competing Platform with Daily Draws and Luxurious Prizes

Lucky Block is among the leading and fastest-growing cryptocurrency projects. It offers a competing platform and regularly holds giveaways which you can enter holding its native token – LBLOCK. Lucky Block is a new word in the online crypto competitions sector as it completely changes the view about the gaming industry. Built on the Binance Smart Chain Lucky Block’s native token LBLOCK v1 is listed on Uniswap where you can buy it with BNB tokens.

Lucky Block

When it comes to Lucky Block’s mission, the project stands out with a unique way of approaching the gaming industry and prize draws. Built on the blockchain, it brings fairness to the industry making prize draws and competitions more trustworthy and reducing the cases of fraud. Other features making Lucky Block an exceptional competing platform is better security, higher prizes, more chances to win, faster payouts, etc. 

Lucky Block holds the most exciting competitions right now with an opportunity to win Lamborjini, a luxurious $1M house, $1 million worth of Bitcoin, etc. For example, to enter the Lamborjini competition you need to buy and hold an NFT from Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection. The draw will start once all the 10,000 NFTs of the collection are sold out and your chances to win the Lamborjini will be 1/10,000. Even if you don’t win the luxurious prize you will be regularly rewarded for holding NFTs.

Additionally, Lucky Block holds weekly giveaways, and holding a LBLOCK token is a must to participate in the giveaway. As a native token LBLOCK is also used for Lucky Block transactions. LBLOCK holders also get rewards for simply having the coin. The token is deflationary and burning events are organized to reduce the number of LBLOCK tokens. Lucky Block also issues LBLOCK v2 token which is compatible to be listed on centralized exchanges and trading. 

See our LBLOCK V2 price prediction for 2022.

Visit Lucky Block Giveaway

Tamadoge – Play-2-Earn Metaverse Game with the Largest Crypto Giveaway

Another exciting crypto giveaway to consider entering is organized by Tamadoge and rewards $100k worth of its native token TAMA to the lucky winner. Tamadoge is an extremely successful and fairly new crypto project with fascinating play-to-earn elements. It enables players to combine playing, enjoying the game, and earning real money through blockchain technology, NFTs, and P2E elements. 


The deadline to enter Tamadoge’s giveaway is in 40 days and it has got almost 115,000 entries. There are ten ways to enter Tamadoge’s giveaway. First and foremost, you must hold $100 worth of TAMA tokens on the day of the draw. The next 9 steps will bring you 17 entries altogether. There are two tasks that grant you extra 5 entries for each one. These are tweeting about Tamadoge and tagging Elon Musk and sharing with your friends. 

Other tasks are quite similar to those of other crypto giveaways reviewed earlier in this guide. There are tasks related to promoting Tamadoge on social media platforms. For example, you need to visit its Youtube and Instagram, join its Telegram and Discord, enter your crypto wallet address, etc. Apart from its large giveaway, Tamadoge holds another reward competition with a $1 million prize pool. Anyone trading TAMA tokens on OKX will claim $10 from the prize pool. 

TAMA token is a game-changer within the Tamadoge’s ecosystem. It is used to buy Tamaverse pets which are the core feature of the platform. Users buy these pets, take care of them, and feed and once the pet is mature it can participate in battles against other Tama pets. Winners get points which are introduced on monthly leaderboards. Users having higher winning points get rewarded in TAMA tokens. TAMA tokens can also be used to buy food and accessories for pets from Tamadoge’s in-built marketplace. 

Tamadoge has successfully finished the presale of its native token – TAMA which after the presale has been listed on the OKX crypto exchange. It’s a deflationary coin, so burning events will be held to reduce the maximum supply of its 2 billion TAMA tokens. Tamadoge’s roadmap claims that the project will undergo a lot of development in the future and introduce new features which means that TAMA has a lot of room for growth. 

See our full guide to buying Tamadoge.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Battle Infinity – Exciting Metaverse Gaming Platform with that Plans to Hold a Large Giveaway

Another popular cryptocurrency project for 2022 is Battle Infinity which offers a play-to-earn fantasy games platform with a lot of exciting tools. It is based on NFTs and blockchain where users can take part in different fantasy sports, win battles, and earn NFTs. Users can team up with other players to build strategic teams and win battles against other users. The project claims to be the first metaverse-integrated decentralized blockchain NFT-Based fantasy sports game.

Battle Infinity

While IBAT Premier League is the core feature of Battle Infinity, it has 5 more other platforms that make the platform functional and versatile. Battle Arena is the platform where you can meet your avatar and upgrade it. You can buy different items for it from accessories to clothes from Battle Infinity’s market. The latter is another IBAT platform which is an in-built marketplace enabling one to buy and sell NFTs within the ecosystem.

The Battle Staking platform enables you to lock up Battle Infinity’s native token for a certain and be rewarded for that. IBAT stakers also get different types of rewards for their activities on the platform. Battle Swap platform is a DeFi exchange where users can buy IBAT tokens and exchange their prizes for another currency. Finally, Battle Shop introduces different NFT games that users can play and earn rewards. 

Battle Infinity’s native token is called IBAT which has already finished its presale stage and got launched officially. It is listed on the Uniswap exchange. The token plays a vital role in Battle Infinity’s ecosystem where it is used to distribute rewards and for staking. 

The project has recently carried out a private giveaway for the exclusive members of its Telegram group during which it rewarded $3000 worth of IBAT tokens. But there are expected to be more giveaways in the near future so  Battle Infinity is a project worth paying attention to. 

Visit Battle Infinity Giveaway

Coinbase – Leading Crypto Trading Platform with Several Prizes and Rewards

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and a functional trading platform. Apart from being a popular crypto exchange, Coinbase is an excellent place to earn different cryptocurrencies through learning. The latter becomes possible through its Learn program which introduces different cryptocurrencies and rewards you with new tokens for learning about them. 

To join the program you must create an online account providing some personal details, an email address, and creating a password. Once you have an account you can get to the process and gain rewards while getting familiar with cryptos. During the learning program, you will learn about the Graph, Chain, Amp, NEAR protocol, and SHIPPING cryptocurrency projects and their native tokens. 


The process is carried out through three steps. During the first stage, you watch a video tutorial about a certain project. After each tutorial, you should take part in the quiz and answer the questions about the cryptocurrency project you get familiar with in the tutorial. Once you successfully finish the quiz you will receive the rewards. 

For each cryptocurrency, you learn about you get rewards in its native token. For example, if the tutorial is about the Chain project, you will be able to earn $3 worth of XCN tokens once you finish the quiz. So, Coinbase is an excellent way to not only gain free cryptocurrencies but also learn how they work. Additionally, the platform offers various promotions and sweepstakes during which you can earn rewards in Bitcoin.

Visit Coinbase Giveaway

Crypto.com – Decentralized Exchange with $25 Reward for Referral

Crypto.com is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges with 70 million users worldwide. The platform supports trading over 250 cryptocurrencies with more than 20 fiat currencies. One of the free token distributions of the platform is through its referral codes. When you sign up for an online account you can receive a referral code to share with your friends. Once your friend registers through that code you will receive $25 worth of CRO tokens. 

Another competition that is currently being held on the platform is called the FIFA World Cup trading competition also known as The Ball of Fortune. The competition will reward winners with luxurious prizes through receiving Team NFTs. The campaign is available till December 18 and the winners will be decided through the winners of the FIFA World Cup participant countries.


To take part in the competition, first, you must have a Crypto.com account and trade on it every day. You will receive Team NFTs every time you trade on the platform but the maximum of Team NFTs you can receive through a day is 5. To receive an NFT your transaction should fit the requirements provided by the platform. So, make sure you read the participation terms carefully.

Team NFTs that you receive represent different countries. You will get entry into the competition if you hold the Team NFTs of the country that wins the game. The more Team NFTs you own of the winning country the more entries you will get into the competition. The winners will be rewarded with luxurious prizes including an all-expenses-paid trip to the FIFA World Cup Final. 

Visit Crypto.com Giveaway

What are Crypto Giveaways and How to Use Them?

Several cryptocurrency projects enable investors to get free tokens in return for some minor tasks. These events are called crypto giveaways and airdrops. There is a slight difference between these two. The airdrops grant the participant a similar number of tokens whereas giveaways are kind of similar to raffles. You win entries into the giveaway by completing easy tasks related to raising the popularity of crypto projects. If you win the draw you will receive the prize. 

The more entries you get the higher chances you have to win the draw. The maximum number of entries differs from crypto to crypto, but usually, you get more entries for friend references, tweets about the project, and retweeting their posts. It is crucial to mention that to participate in the giveaway holding a certain amount of that token is a must at the time of the draw. 

The tasks granting you entries can be related to the project, such as providing your wallet address. However, much more emphasis is placed on promoting the project on social media. For example, Dash 2 Trade will give you 5 entries into its $150k giveaway simply for mentioning it in your tweets. Another 5 entries can be won by retweeting its posts.

How Can You Get Crypto Giveaways?

If you are curious about how you can take part in crypt giveaways and have several entries, here is a step-by-step guide. You will find here all the information about what is necessary to enter the Dash 2 Trade giveaway and how to win several extra entries which can increase your chance of winning the giveaway. 

Step 1: Get a Digital Wallet

If you visit the Dash 2 Trade’s giveaway page, you will notice that the minimum requirement to enter the giveaway is to hold at least $150 worth of D2T tokens. To buy Dash 2 Trade tokens you will need a digital wallet. Dash 2 Trade is still in the presale stage which means that it is not official yet and not listed on any crypto exchange. So, you don’t have a chance to create an exchange account and purchase the tokens. 

The only way to get D2T tokens is to set up a digital wallet and buy it on Dash 2 Trade’s platform. The project uses the Ethereum blockchain so D2T meets the ERC-20 token standards meaning that all the wallets supporting ERC-20 tokens are compatible with holding Dash 2 Trade. 

Step 1 Get a Digital Wallet

Step 2: Buy Dash 2 Trade Tokens

Once you set up a digital crypto wallet, the next step is to buy D2T tokens. The token is currently in the third stage of its presale. To buy it, visit the website and you will see the presale window on the main page of it. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button, select the wallet type you want to connect and link it with the platform to get the coins. 

If you have done everything correctly in the end you will see “Your purchase was successful” writing. As the coin is not official now you will get the real tokens in your wallet once it is available. Note that you first need to have USDT coins in your wallet to be able to purchase Dash 2 Trade tokens.

Step 2 Buy Dash 2 Trade Tokens

Step 3: Enter the Giveaway and Win Prizes

When you buy D2T tokens you already enter the giveaway. But there are many other tasks you can accomplish to win extra entries into the giveaway. You can follow Dash 2 Trade’s Twitter, and visit its Instagram and website to earn an extra entry for each. Referring your friend will also bring you an extra entry. 

Step 3 Enter the Giveaway and Win Prizes

Other one-entry tasks include providing your crypto wallet address and joining Dash 2 Trade’s Telegram and Discord communities. There are two more tasks that will bring you 5 extra entries for each. These tasks are retweeting Dash 2 Trade and tweeting about it. After you finish the tasks you need to wait until the draw is carried out. 


Throughout this guide, we have taken a detailed look at the most popular crypto giveaways that are worth considering in 2022. The top 8 crypto giveaways have been selected and introduced in-depth in the guide. These crypto giveaways are conducted by the newest but already quite popular crypto projects focused on different sections of decentralized finance. You can browse the list to find out which one is concentrated on your favorite DeFi field and take part in it. 

Apart from providing the list of the top leading crypto giveaways for 2022, we have also explained what are crypto giveaways and how they work providing a detailed guide with our top recommended crypto giveaway – Dash 2 Trade. To conclude, crypto giveaways are an excellent way to make a little money if you get lucky and win in the long run, but participation requires minimal actions and no investment.

Dash 2 Trade – High Potential Presale

Dash 2 Trade

Active Presale Live Now – dash2trade.com
Native Token of Crypto Signals Ecosystem
KYC Verified & Audited

Dash 2 Trade

FAQs on Crypto Giveaways

Why do crypto projects giveaway cryptos for free?

Cryptocurrency giveaways are events giving you the chance to win free tokens of a new cryptocurrency. The main reason for holding a crypto giveaway for the developing team is to make the project popular. People get attracted by the fact that they can get free cryptocurrencies and are ready to carry out certain actions for that. That’s why the minor tasks you need to accomplish to take part in a crypto giveaway are about promoting them on social media platforms or joining their Telegram and Discord channels, referring your friends, etc. In most cases, you need to also hold a certain number of tokens to be able to participate in the giveaway which can contribute to the selling process of the crypto.

How can I find the best crypto giveaways?

There are multiple ways to find the best crypto giveaways. The most efficient ones are social media platforms, such as Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit groups or channels where new airdrops and giveaways are announced regularly. There are also different websites specializing in crypto giveaways and airdrops, such as airdrops.io.

What should I do to ensure the crypto giveaway is legit?

To make it clear whether the crypto project is legit or not, first, do a quick research about it to understand the features of the project. In any case, never trust your 12-digit recovery phrase to any platform as long as it gives only you access to your wallet. Another easy way to find out if the project is a scam or not is to check its website name or other details for types or mistakes, which is a common thing among scammers.

Are Twitter crypto giveaways legit?

Twitter is an excellent place to be kept updated about the latest crypto giveaways but sometimes you may come across different non-legit giveaways. Hence, when you read about a crypto giveaway, you need to slow down and do thorough research: find out its website or social media accounts, check its followers, and comments and if it looks suspicious to you do not share any crucial details with them.

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