8 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar January 16



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Cheap tokens often overshadow their higher-priced counterparts and offer investors affordable market entry. You’re in the right place if you have an eye for value and a budget-conscious approach to crypto investments. Insidebitcoins regularly compiles a list of the best cheap crypto to buy now for under one dollar.

8 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar

Pursuing affordable yet promising digital assets prompts this curated list of the “8 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Under 1 Dollar.” These tokens position themselves as the next game-changers for investors and enthusiasts. For readers with a keen ear for crypto happenings, HashKey has achieved unicorn status following a successful $100 million fundraising.

1. Blur (BLUR)

The crypto market’s outlook is relatively stable, and the Blur aligns with this trend, hinting at a potential bullish trajectory. Therefore, holders are strengthening their positions at the current market prices. This move anticipates a positive momentum once the correction in Bitcoin prices subsides. 

Lately, there has been a sizeable transfer of Blur tokens from the unlocking contract. Since June 15, 2023, a significant portion of the total Blur token supply has been unlocked and transferred to Coinbase Prime. About 17.8% of these coins, accounting for 534 million tokens, were transferred. 

Blur Price Chart

Buyers are steering the market as sustained buying pressure reinforces the bullish sentiment. As the market Bitcoin’s correction, investors are optimistic about a promising outlook for Blur’s price in the medium-to-long term.

2. Sei (SEI)

SEI is showcasing promise, surging over 1,500% since its inception. Moreover, Sei positions itself as the fastest trading platform, ensuring transaction completion within a swift 380 milliseconds.

SEI Price Chart

Peering into recent data, Sei is selling between $0.6978 and $0.8086. This confirms an uptrend as Sei trades above its $0.7036 10 and $0.5846 100-day SMA. Nonetheless, key support levels are identified at $0.5822 and $0.4714, with resistance levels at $0.9242 and $1.1506.

Furthermore, Sei’s future marker trajectory in the market deserves consideration. The growing interest in decentralized trading and the latest blockchain technology is attracting increased attention. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the rapid price swings in the crypto space.

3. Astar (ASTR)

Astar is attracting the market with the forthcoming dApp staking v3 launch. There are high hopes that this launch will transform the staking process for decentralized applications by focusing on optimization. At the same time, the token economy model aims to establish a more efficient and transparent system for users. 

ASTR Price Chart

Moreover, Astar zkEVM’s introduction will add a layer of privacy and security to the platform. Furthermore, ASTR is in the green zone, positioning itself for global adoption and delivering web3 technology to billions. 

Astar’s intraday session has been impressive, with a 4.3% increase placing the value at $0.153. Likewise, it has risen over 90% in the past month, holding a 24-hour trading volume of $103 million.

4. Oasis Network (ROSE)

The Oasis Network ecosystem has unfolded exciting developments as TSubQuery unveils groundbreaking news for developers. SubQuery’s  Lightning Fast and Flexible Data Indexer now supports Sapphire and Emerald on Oasis Network. This support provides developers unprecedented access to SubQuery’s robust indexing capabilities. 

ROSE Price Chart

Hence, it empowers developers to harness SubQuery’s powerful features, making on-chain data management seamless. In the financial landscape, Oasis Network stands out with notable indicators. ROSE showcasing stability and positive momentum, selling above its 200-day SMA. 

Furthermore, market analysts predict a bullish sentiment for the Oasis Network. In addition, investors have a sense of optimism, judging by a Fear & Greed Index reading of 64.

5. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix is set to reform Bitcoin cloud mining with its groundbreaking Stake-to-Mine mechanism, all powered by smart contracts. As its white paper outlines, the project provides a secure Ethereum platform. Hence, users can use this platform to stake and burn tokens to earn mining hash power. This innovation aims to address drawbacks commonly associated with traditional cloud mining practices.

Moreover, the project has garnered significant attention, with over 400,000 BTCMTX tokens currently staked. In its current presale phase, Bitcoin Minetrix has successfully raised an impressive $8.5 million. 

In addition, the unique staking mechanism implemented by Bitcoin Minetrix aims to alleviate sell pressure once it launches on exchanges. Leveraging this strategy indicates that the project is well-placed for growth.

6. Floki Inu (FLOKI)

FLOKI faced a price dip but then displayed signs of resurgence, propelling its price from $58.21 to $64.14. This move proved to bring back optimism as bullish investors fueled the surge.

FLOKI Price Chart

Moreover, the news of this bullish rally from January 8th to 10th caused FLOKI’s intraday value and market cap to surge. However, the momentum encountered resistance at the critical $0.000003343 level, marked by the 50-day EMA.

FLOKI bears continue to dominate, pushing the price to $48, reflecting a nearly 30% decrease from the significant resistance level. The 150-day EMA at $0.000003054 is expected to provide support. Should the support level falter, the next target for bullish investors is $0.000002385. A breach of the support level and the 150-day EMA at $0.000003033 would signal a bearish short-term trajectory for FLOKI’s price.

7. The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is currently leaning towards greed on price prediction, with the Fear & Greed Index indicating a level of 64. Away from the recent market fluctuations, The Sandbox has demonstrated positive performance relative to its token sale price.

SAND Price Chart

Furthermore, SAND’s high liquidity is evident in the token’s #2 position in the NFT Tokens sector. In addition, it is placed #2 in the Gaming sector and #1 in the Metaverse sector. Meanwhile, The Sandbox’s outlook is solidly above the 200-day SMA. Furthermore, SAND is circulating about 2.12 billion out of a maximum supply of 3.00 billion SAND. 

The yearly supply inflation rate is 41.30%, creating 619.26 million SAND last year. Likewise, The Sandbox’s market cap and rankings underscore its significance in crypto. These metrics position it favorably for investors seeking stability and potential growth.


ICON aims to make a statement in the market with a groundbreaking integration with Injective. ICX aims to improve its ecosystem by leveraging the Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol. This move represents a major leap forward in cross-chain interoperability. In addition, it solidifies ICON’s position at the forefront of the evolving DeFi landscape.

ICON Price Chart

Moreover, ICON’s integration with Injective aligns perfectly with the pursuit of innovation and scalability in blockchain technology. Injective’s unique infrastructure and strong commitment to cross-chain interoperability make it the ideal partner for this strategic collaboration.

Market-wise, ICON’s price prediction sentiment remains neutral, with the Fear & Greed Index at 64. However, the price has seen a 7% increase in a year, consistently trading above the 200-day simple moving average.

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