10 Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash for a Bounce in 2023



The cryptocurrency market is in a large decline right now, which began in Nov 2021 when cryptos hit their all-time highs and started to retrace. Bitcoin has lost almost 70% of its value compared to this time last year. This downtrend is associated with several things starting from Tesla suspending car purchases through Bitcoin and China’s regulations on crypto purchases to rising interest rates, and inflation. 

One of the recent factors that influenced the process is the collapse of the popular FTX crypto exchange, which started in November with many people unable to withdraw their funds from the exchange. However, many crypto investors see this as an opportunity to buy coins at their lowest prices and benefit when the market recovers and the prices soar again. 

So which cryptos are reasonable to buy right now that can have huge potential for growth once the prices rise again? In this guide, we have introduced the 10 best cryptos to buy in the crash, explained them in detail, and discussed the reasons for the crash. 

10 Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash – List

What are the best cryptos that we recommend buying during the crash? Below you will find our quick list of the top 10 cryptos that we find a good investment for those who want to buy the dip.

FightOut – Best Coin to Buy During the Crypto Crash
Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Signals and Analytics Platform full of Huge Potential
Calvaria – Play-to-Earn Card Game that is Getting Highly Popular
RobotEra – Newest Crypto Presale that Offers Metaverse Gaming Features
Litecoin – Best Alternative to Bitcoin to Buy during the Crypto Crash
Quant – DeFi Project that Aims to Build Interoperability between Multiple Blockchains
Chainlink – A Popular DeFi Platform Supporting the Secure Interaction between Blockchains and External Data
Ethereum – Second Largest Cryptocurrency and a Well-established Crypto Project
Basic Attention Token – Popular Token Build to Enhance Transparency in Marketing
Solana – An Ethereum-Competitor Providing Faster and Secure Transactions on Blockchain

Reviewing the Best Cryptos to Buy During the Crash

When you make an investment, one of the most important steps is to learn about the project you will invest in and find out what features it offers or if it has any real-world uses. All the cryptocurrencies included in our list have something special to offer the users apart from being a coin to trade. Some of them aim to improve how blockchain works, others introduce play-to-earn elements enabling not only one to enjoy the game but also earn money.

As it is important to understand what you are going to invest in, let’s discuss all the projects in detail in this section. Read on to find out what each of them offers to their potential users. 

FightOut – Best Coin to Buy During the Crypto Crash

FightOut is the latest project in the move-to-earn sector of the DeFi industry that has attracted huge attention. The move-to-earn area introduces apps enabling users not only to build their fitness correctly but also to tokenize their achievements and earn rewards through them. FightOut aims to revolutionize the way people move and earn in the metaverse. 

According to its website, the project combined highly-talented Web3 developers and fitness coaches in one place to bring their goals into reality. Before we explain what the FightOut app offers and how you can earn through moving, it’s of great importance to mention that FightOut is currently conducting the presale of its native token – FGHT, which you can now buy at its lowest price possible before it gets listed on the exchange with higher value. 

Another great benefit is that early investors will have the chance to obtain a 50% bonus by buying FGHT tokens. But this offer is time-limited and will be removed once the project raises $5 million in the presale stage. Additionally, you can enter the FightOut giveaway if you buy $250 worth of FGHT tokens and have the chance of winning $250k in FGHT tokens. You can also perform other minor tasks to increase the number of your entries into the giveaway and raise your chance to win.


The main product of FightOut is its mobile app which you can download on your phone and start your move-to-earn activities. Entering the app you create your own soulbond NFT avatar, which can’t be sold or transferred later. You also fill in some details about your fitness, which equipment you can afford to exercise, and other info, and the FightOut expert coaches will organize the workout routine for you. 

Through the special smart devices, FightOut tracks the exercises you do and digitizes them, adding to your stats. Later on, you will be rewarded for completing the exercises in the form of a REPS token. The latter is the utility token of the FightOut metaverse used for transactions and rewards. You can collect REPS tokens to buy in-app items for your avatar, such as cosmetics. But also, you can keep them to get discounts on the app’s monthly subscription. The native token of the FightOut – FGHT can also be converted into REPS tokens. 

FighOut is designed in a way to be suitable for anyone who wants to exercise and get fit with the app. So, even if you don’t know how to do the exercises, the app will provide highly-educational videos explaining how to do them. In addition to improving the way move-to-earn platforms work, FightOut also aims to solve issues related to traditional gyms, including their overpriced subscriptions, bad-designed workouts, and poor social connection. 

See our guide on how to buy FightOut tokens or click the link below to visit the public sale.

Buy FightOut

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Signals and Analytics Platform full of Huge Potential

When it comes to crypto trading signals providers, users may come across different issues about which provider to trust. One of the main reasons why it is difficult to trust a certain provider is that it is hard to guess whether they have a hidden motive for recommending investing in a particular cryptocurrency. 

Dash 2 Trade is a platform providing crypto signals and on-chain data analysis tools to take trading to the next level. Relying on blockchain technology, the project aims at bringing more transparency into the process, meanwhile providing highly beneficial tools to improve people’s trading skills and strategies. 

Dash 2 Trade

Backed by the professional team of another platform – Learn 2 Trade, Dash 2 Trade has already built a good reputation within the crypto community. Learn 2 Trade has already combined more than 70,000 active traders and attracted huge attention to its new project. The good thing is that Dash 2 Trade is still in the presale stage, and there is a chance to purchase its native token D2T, at an extremely low price before its value increases. 

Dash 2 Trade plans to go official at the beginning of 2023, and it has already been confirmed that the token will be listed on two major centralized exchanges. The two exchanges that will support D2T listing are Bitmart and LBank. The team also plans to launch its dashboard and Beta testing in Q1 of 2023. The first subscribers of the platform will be able to use such tools as Social metrics data, Technical indicators, Presale insights, New listing announcements, etc. 

Dash 2 Trade plans to launch more sophisticated tools by the end of the year, including its backtester tool. It will enable users to test and build their strategies without putting their capital at risk. The Auto trader tool is planned to launch in 2024. Dash 2 Trade plans to have three different tiers – Free, Starter and Premium. Users can use its native token D2T to access different tools included in the Starter and Premium packages and enhance their trading.

See our full guide on how to buy D2T.

Visit Dash 2 Trade

Calvaria – Play-to-Earn Card Game that is Getting Highly Popular

Another fast-growing sector in the DeFi industry is play-to-earn games, with lots of projects offering unique playing elements. The essence of these projects is that they enable you to play, becoming a member of their metaverse and earn during the game competing in different tasks or winning in battles. Calvaria is one of the P2E games that has gained significant popularity. 


It is a card game where users use their unique cards to build combinations on the desk. The one who builds the strongest combination wins the battle and gets rewarded with Calvaria’s native token – RIA. Users will also be able to buy RIA tokens once it is officially launched and listed on exchanges. But before that, investors have an opportunity to purchase RIA at a discount during its presale stage. 

RIA is currently in the 5th stage of its presale where more than 80% of the tokens are sold, raising the capital of $2.5 million out of $3 million. The team plans to sell 30% of the RIA tokens during all presale stages from its maximum supply of 1 billion tokens. As a native token of the Calvaria ecosystem, RIA plays a major role in it. It has both governance and utility use cases. 

So, RIA enables holders to vote and take part in the decision-making process regarding the Calvaria ecosystem. As a utility token, users get rewarded in RIA tokens when they win in the competitions. The cards within Calvaria are incentivized as NFTs, so the users claim ownership over their cards. They can sell them in Calvaria’s marketplace or use their RIA tokens to buy stronger desks and win more games. 

As the Calvaria project is built on the Ethereum blockchain, RIA is an ERC-20 token which means users can also stake it to generate rewards. Calvaria will do its first NFT drops and launch RIA tokens during Q1 of 2023. It has announced on its website that the token will be listed on such popular exchanges as KuCoin, Gate.io, and Xt.com after launching officially.

Visit Calvaria

RobotEra – Newest Crypto Presale that Offers Metaverse Gaming Features

Another cryptocurrency to buy at a discount during the presale is TARO which is the native token of the RobotEra P2E game. TARO is in the first stage of its presale meaning that it is the lowest possible price you can obtain the coin before it starts the second stage or gets listed on an exchange. The price of the token is $0.02 during this stage but it will increase to $0.025 when the second stage begins. 


As the native token of the RobotEra metaverse, TARO is important to its ecosystem. It will have utility when RobotEra’s gaming platform launches, and holders can use TARO to buy in-game items, such as accessories for their avatars, plots of land, etc. The players will also be rewarded in TARO tokens for winning the competitions, cultivating trees, or simply staking them. 

Hence, you can use the TARO tokens to enter the world of RobotEra and develop your own game. Here all the avatars are introduced as robots. As the plot of the game suggests, these robots were created by humans, who eventually developed enough to win the battle over humans and take control of the planet. But the robots need to build a new world. As a RobotEra’s robot avatar, users will participate in the creation of that world. 

Robot avatars can buy their own land, visit the Central City, where they will be safe from mutants, and visit different museums, theme parks, concert halls, etc. They can also browse the metaverse, complete tasks, take part in quizzes, and get rewards for winning them. Another exciting feature is that robots can have their robot companions to help them in the process of building or performing other tasks. 

While the industry of P2E games is growing faster and faster RobotEra seems to have quite unique features and a captivating plot to attract gaming and DeFi enthusiasts. So, the platform has good potential for growth after launching its platform and the token officially. If it succeeds in gaining popularity, TARO can become one of the most popular new coins of 2023.

See our full guide on how to buy RobotEra token.

Buy RobotEra

Litecoin – Best Alternative to Bitcoin to Buy during the Crypto Crash

Litecoin is among the first and most well-recognized cryptocurrencies in the market. It is included in the list of the 15 largest crypto assets by its market capitalization. As one of the first cryptocurrencies in the market, Litecoin initially aimed to be a Bitcoin-similar coin but without letting the enterprise take control of its mining process.

Though the crypto did not succeed in its first plan but managed to become a means of peer-to-peer payment and offer a coin that can be mined. Its blockchain works on the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism similar to Bitcoin, which means that miners must spend huge electricity power to solve complex problems, mine a new block, and get rewards for their service. 


The maximum supply of the coin is 84 million LTC, 85% of which is already mined and in circulation. Similar to Bitcoin LTC’s mining supply is halved every four years. Additionally, Litecoin claims to conduct transactions a few times faster than Bitcoin. 

Litecoin can be a good buy during the dip for some reasons. First, it is quite affordable, and as a well-established crypto project, it has the potential to survive the market crash and increase its value. At the time when Bitcoin hit its all-time high of $68,000, Litecoin was trading at above $200, and now its price has decreased almost 4 times. 

Buy Litecoin

Your capital is at risk.

Quant – DeFi Project that Aims to Build Interoperability between Multiple Blockchains

Quant is another well-established cryptocurrency and a well-known decentralized project in the DeFi market. Founded in 2015, Quant is the brainchild of Gilbert Verdian, who is Chair of the UK Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology committee. Two other co-founders, Colin Paterson and Paolo Tasca joined the project in 2017 and have had years of experience in the field of blockchain and cybersecurity. 

Quant’s native token, QNT managed to raise $11 million during the Initial Coin Offering, which took place in 2018. At that time, the value of the token fluctuated between $0.2-$0.3. The coin did not experience any extensive price rise in the next 2 years, but the prices started to increase from the beginning of 2021. Finally, Quant hit its all-time high in September 2021, reaching $384. 


Following the crypto market crash, QNT declined significantly over time and is traded at $106 at the time of writing. However, the coin experienced a decline, Quant offers a real-world value that can help it to survive the crash. The main product of the project is the so-called Overledger API gateway which aims to improve communication and data transfer between different networks. 

Several companies use different types of blockchain networks which are built in different coding languages. The differences sometimes make it a tricky process to transfer the data efficiently. Quant’s Overledger API addresses this issue by connecting the blockchain and transferring the data between them. 

The network is powered by its native token – QNT, which has utility cases within Quant’s ecosystem. All the fees that users or developers must pay to use the API are conducted in QNT tokens. So, the QNT’s value depends on the platform’s popularity and demand among businesses and developers. 

Buy Quant

Your capital is at risk.

Chainlink – A Popular DeFi Platform Supporting the Secure Interaction Between Blockchains and External Data

Chainlink is one of the most well-established and successful cryptocurrency projects with a large market capitalization. Like other cryptocurrencies, Chainlink also suffered from the market crash, and its value is 50% lower compared to its price in April and more than 75% lower compared to its price at the beginning of 2022. But Chainlink still has a chance to survive the crisis as it offers valuable solutions to improve how smart contracts work. 


Smart contracts are the underlying technology of many blockchains, including Ethereum. They are codes that control the work of the blockchain based on the information provided to them. It means that smart contracts rely on external data to work efficiently. Chainlink tries to provide reliable and true data to smart contracts by incentivizing a global network of computers. 

The data providers are called Oracles, and they get points for providing the data accurately. The process goes through three phases called Oracle selection, Data reporting, and Result Aggregation. Chainlink also issues a native token – LINK, to power its ecosystem. As a utility token of the ecosystem, LINK is used to pay the Oracles for their service, while smart contract creators pay in the LINK token. 

Buy Chainlink

Your capital is at risk.

Ethereum – Second Largest Cryptocurrency and a Well-established Crypto Project

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the market after Bitcoin and is familiar to many people, even those who have not ever invested in cryptocurrencies. It is also the second largest crypto by its market capitalization, which is equal to more than $149 billion. Ethereum is a pioneering crypto project in the smart contract industry that has completely changed how cryptocurrencies are perceived. 


Before the Ethereum project, Bitcoin and altcoins were simply introduced to improve payment systems and make them decentralized. But computer programmer Vitalik Buterin thought that cryptos could be more than that and created a programmable blockchain platform that supports developing and launching dApps. The project’s native token is called Ether (ETH) which is used to pay gas fees for the transactions. 

The coin’s value did not increase above $1000 before 2021, but it gained huge popularity in 2021 and 2022. At the time when the crypto market was at its top and Bitcoin surged to $68,000, Ether hit its all-time high, too, reaching almost $5000. Now its price is down by more than 85%, and it’s hard to guess whether ETH will recover its all-time high price. 

Still, Ethereum is among the most successful crypto projects, and many other cryptocurrencies rely on its blockchain. Another positive factor about Ethereum is its Merge that has happened recently. The Merge helped Ethereum to transfer to the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which enables faster and more scalable transactions. It has also made ETH a more eco-friendly token reducing the energy consumption of its blockchain by 99.99%.

Buy Ethereum

Your capital is at risk.

Basic Attention Token – Popular Token Build to Enhance Transparency in Marketing

Basic Attention Token is another popular crypto to purchase during the market crash. It is really worth keeping an eye on due to the services it offers and the way it tries to improve the advertising industry. Basic Attention Token introduces a platform that is powered by its native token, BAT, which is currently among the 100 largest crypto assets with a market cap of more than $283 million.

Basic Attention Token

The aim of this cryptocurrency is to make the advertising space more relevant for all parties – creators and publishers, advertisers, and internet users. Basically, publishers get rewarded for placing the ads of the advertisers, while users get rewarded with the BAT token for viewing the ads. As BAT is the native token of the Brave web browser, you need to download and install it to view ads and start earning BAT tokens. 

The project was created in 2017 and conducted a very successful ICO selling 1 billion tokens and raising a capital of $35 million. As of 2022, 54.5 million accounts are using the Brave browser monthly, and it has 16 million daily active users. 


Your capital is at risk.

Solana – An Ethereum-Competitor Providing Faster and Secure Transactions on Blockchain

The last crypto project in our recommendation list is Solana which is a blockchain platform based on smart contracts. Solana is considered one of the best competitors of Ethereum. Though the project is not as popular and widely traded as ETH it has some advantages over the second-largest crypto. 


The first advantage is the scalability of Solana’s blockchain, which enables it to run tens of thousands of transactions per second. The next difference is the transaction fee. Ethereum is popular with its high gas fees charged per transaction. Whereas Solana charges transaction fees costing just a fraction of a penny. 

Still, it is essential to note that Solana’s native token – SOL is among those cryptos that have suffered significantly because of the crypto crash. This is associated with the fact that the Solana developing team announced the unlocking of 29 million SOL tokens. It is still hard to predict whether Solana can recover from the crash or not, but the coin can be considered in the way of building a diversified portfolio. 

Buy Solana

Your capital is at risk.

Why Is the Crypto Market Crashing Down?

Anyone worried about the crash of the crypto market should bear in mind that the investment markets go through periods of downtrend and uptrend. While the cryptocurrency market is still fresh compared to other investment sections, stock market history indicates that it experienced bull and bear periods over the period of hundreds of years. 

Though the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin – has appeared in the market since 2009, the market has seen several ups and downs in that short period. The most vivid example is the market crash of 2017, when Bitcoin lost most of its value after hitting an all-time high, and the whole crypto market followed it. Bitcoin started the year at as low as $1000, but by the end of 2017, its value increased to $20,000. 

The bull market of Bitcoin influenced other crypto assets too, and they started to gain value. However, after hitting $20,000 Bitcoin started to decrease and was traded at as low as $3000. However, after a long period of a bear market, Bitcoin regained its value. Moreover, the cryptocurrency hit another all-time high reaching more than $68,000.

Ultimately, Bitcoin hit its all-time high in November 2021, and many cryptocurrencies followed it, but after that, the market started to show a decline again. The first major decline occurred in May 2022, which was associated with several factors. 

Among the most prominent factors are the Tesla car company suspending all transactions in BTC, China increasing the regulations on the crypto market, and, most importantly, the coronavirus pandemic that aroused panic among investors who started to sell their assets. For the first time in 16 months, Bitcoin fell below $28,000 and has continued to drop ever since. 

The currency crash of the crypto market is associated with the crash of the leading crypto exchange – FTX. The buzz around the exchange started from the article published by Coin Desk, which put into suspicion the financial health of the exchange. This was followed by the FTX-Binance conflict that hugely affected the value of the FTX’s native token – FTT. The token dropped its value by more than 90% because of the gossip about the exchange. 

Crypto Market Crash – Should You Buy the Dip?

Considering the fact that the cryptocurrency market experiences crashing cycles from time to time but recovers its value after the downtrend, this one will most likely not be an exception. Hence, investors think of the crypto crashes as a chance to buy assets at their lowest prices to benefit once the prices skyrocket again. It is one of the main reasons why buying the dip can be an excellent investment. 

But sometimes, it may be hard to make a reasonable decision about which coins to buy and which ones to avoid. The problem is that not all cryptocurrencies can recover after the market crash, with the most vivid examples being Terra Luna and Terra USD coins. It is crucial that you do a quick research and finds out which projects are valuable and can overcome the crash. This can include well-established coins and tokens, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. 

New crypto projects that are still in the early phases of their development can also be good candidates here. Dash 2 Trade and FightOut are among the newest cryptocurrency projects that have managed to draw attention even during their presale stages. These coins really offer valuable solutions for the DeFi industry and introduce new ways of making money.

Eventually, another thing to consider when you buy coins during the dip is a diversified portfolio, in other words, investing in versatile crypto projects. Our list includes the best and most valuable tokens regarding different sectors of DeFi. Investing in diverse projects and having a versatile portfolio will ensure you won’t lose all your money when one of the projects fails to gain value again. 

How to Choose the Best Crypto Coin to Buy When the Crypto Markets Crashes?

If you want to seize the chance and purchase coins during the market crash you may need some tips about which coins are worth buying. Here are some factors to pay attention to when you are choosing the best crypto coins to buy the dip. 

Choose Coins with Real-World Use

The first thing to pay attention to is the utility of the token, which is how it can be used besides being an asset to trade. A token that supports a certain platform and has use cases within that ecosystem is more likely to survive the crash than the others with no utility. The problem is that projects offering real-world solutions have huge room for development if their products or services succeed in catching massive attention.

All the coins included in our list differ from speculative assets in the way that they offer valuable and innovative ideas that can be widely accepted in the DeFi market. For example, Dash 2 Trade will launch a platform providing various services and tools for traders which can help to improve their trading performance. 

Calvaria is a play-to-earn game where users can build powerful combinations, win battles and get rewards in the form of tokens. RobotEra is another play-to-earn game with exciting features and details. The native tokens of all these projects have utility or governance use cases within their community and are more likely to be a good long-term investment than those with no real-world uses. 

Find Coins in the Presale Stage

Another great way of finding which coins to buy during a market crash is investing in crypto presales. The benefit of presales is that you can purchase promising coins at discounts and even get rewards or prizes. 

One of the most popular presales right now is Dash 2 Trade’s presale. The project is in the final stage of its presale, so it’s your last chance to get the tokens at a low price. You can also enter the giveaway by purchasing $150 worth of Dash 2 Trade tokens and winning $150,000. 

Buy and Trade Coins Listed on Big Exchanges

Finally, you can buy the coins that are listed on major crypto exchanges. Cryptocurrencies such as Binance or Coinbase have huge popularity and have millions of users from around the world. There can be many investors using these platforms to buy versatile coins and build their crypto portfolios. So, the coins listed on big exchanges are more likely to attract massive attention, which can grow their demand and increase their value. D2T will launch officially at the beginning of 2023 and be listed on 2 major exchanges – Bitmart and LBank. 


To conclude, in this guide, we have introduced and reviewed the best cryptocurrencies that you can buy during the market crash. Our list introduces ten different coins that are likely to survive the crash and new coins that have quite good presales and are expected to skyrocket after being launched officially. 

One of the best things about the list is that it includes versatile projects with different purposes and features. Investing in different tokens can help you build a diversified portfolio and manage the risks properly. Hence, you will find different play-to-earn games, competing projects, such as Ethereum and Solana, innovative platforms, such as Dash 2 Trade, etc. 

We have also discussed the reasons for the market crash and introduced the benefits of buying the dip. Crypto crashes occur from time to time, and this one is not an exception too, according to the opinion of many investors. So, they think of it as another opportunity to buy cryptos at their lowest prices and sell them to get huge returns. 

On the whole, we consider FightOut as the best cryptocurrency to buy in the crash. One reason is that the coin is still in the presale stage, where it is sold at high discounts. Additionally, early investors will get a 50% bonus for buying the coin. Finally, it is an exciting project that offers to do regular exercises and earn tokens, so you can use the coins to access the platform’s features and tools. 

FightOut (FGHT) – Move to Earn in the Metaverse

FightOut token

CertiK audited & CoinSniper KYC Verified
Early Stage Presale Live Now
Earn Free Crypto & Meet Fitness Goals
LBank Labs Project
Partnered with Transak, Block Media
Staking Rewards & Bonuses

FightOut token


Will the crypto market recover?

The cryptocurrency price statistics indicate that this is not the only crash that the market has undergone. Many similar events occurred during which the prices of cryptocurrencies experienced a colossal decline but recovered again and even hit higher than their previous peaks. One of the recent crashes in the market took place in 2017 when BTC lost 85% of its value but hit its all-time high in November 2021.

What crypto coin should you buy during the crash?

There are different sections of DeFi you can invest in during the crypto crash, including P2E games, blockchain-improving platforms, and several other projects that have unique features and aim to offer solutions for DeFi problems. Our most recommended investment is FightOut which is a move-to-earn game where you need to do regular workouts and earn money. Another coin with huge potential is Dash 2 Trade which is a new world in the trading industry and provides on-chain data analyses and crypto investment tools to make your trading more profitable.

Should you buy cryptocurrencies right now?

Buying cryptocurrencies during the dip can be a good idea in terms of obtaining several coins at high discounts. This will bring you good profits once the prices soar again. While some cryptos may not overcome the crash because of being hype, the established ones, like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, are most likely to survive. Also, some new coins, such as FightOut or Dash 2 Trade have garnered huge attention and can be the next coins to skyrocket when the market recovers.

What is the best cryptocurrency to buy at the dip?

In our guide, you will find the 10 best cryptocurrencies to buy at the dip. These coins will likely survive the crash and regain their value or even hit higher peaks once the market recovers. Also, we have included some new tokens, such as D2T or FIGHT token, which are still in the early stages of development and have room for growth after launching their platforms.


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