Tamadoge Listing On A 5 Top Exchange On April 27, Expects Higher Price Surge


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Tamadoge, a meme coin, is ready to be listed on a top 5 crypto exchange on April 27, 2023. The token has witnessed a spike in investors’ interest as it hits its final arcade game, Tama Run.

Recently several crypto tokens have been making waves in the crypto space through outstanding presales and additional use cases. While some of them are just newly emerging tokens, some are quite older in the industry but with innovative additions to their functionalities.

TAMA Listing Will Be On A Tier 1 Exchange

According to Tamadoge’s official Twitter page, the meme coin will soon be listed on a Tier 1 exchange. Currently, it’s still unknown which platform it would be. However, the statement mentioned that the official announcement would be on April 24. Also, the exchange is expected to increase liquidity for the TAMA coin trading pair.

Tamadoge was founded in 2021 and has been rising meteorically since then. Through innovative advancement, the play-to-earn platform has gradually garnered a committed community of enthusiasts and users.

During its initial coin offer (ICO), Tamadoge (TAMA) was sold at $0.01 per coin. The TAMA token presale created a spark of interest in the crypto industry as it generated about $15 million. Some even thought its performance would outdo the other leading meme coin, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu, in popularity.

The period for the public listing of TAMA on centralized exchanges was a bit off in the crypto space. The token went public in Q4 2022, with an impressive start in October. However, the FTX saga, which impacted the entire crypto industry, dragged down the momentum with which Tamadoge began.

TamaDoge Launch of Fifth Arcade Game, Tama Run

Tamadoge launched its fifth arcade game, Tama Run, this year. The play-to-earn platform already has a collection of other games on the ecosystem, including four arcade games for users.

Like the previous games, the Tamadoge community expressed excitement over the new addition. There’s a free practice mode available in the game for players to enhance their skills.

Players must buy credits to play the Tama Run and other P2E games on the Tamadoge platform. Then they would choose from the three classes of the Tamadoge NFTs, common, rare, and ultra-rare. The NFT collections have different skills and strength features that could impact the players’ chances of winning games.

While playing Tama Run, the player will exhibit advanced skills to outrun and avoid the monsters, demons, and spirits surrounding the spooky cemetery. As they run, players could accumulate rewards and navigate upward in the leaderboard for more rewards.

The platform gives prizes to winners of the leaderboard every week. According to the Tamadoge Twitter page, almost 22,000 players play the Tama arcade games monthly. Also, about 84,000 credits have been purchased for the games. 

Tamadoge (TAMA) Price Performance

At the time of writing, TAMA is trading at around $0.01282, indicating a surge of almost 12% over the past 24 hours. As per CoinMarketCap, Tamadoge’s market cap is currently at $12.4 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.82 million. The token is listed on 15 crypto exchanges.

The performance of TAMA in the last quarter of 2022 was entirely on the downside. This could be attributed to the FTX implosion saga that affected the entire crypto market.

TAMA price action over the past 7 days shows a surge of over 18%. But the token gained slightly over the past 30 days by 0.78%. 

Based on technical indicators, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) for Tamadoge is around 45.12. This implies that the TAMA market is currently in a neutral position. 

Tamadoge Focuses On Mobile App

The CEO of Tamadoge, Jon Bishop, expressed his excitement about releasing the fifth arcade game, Tama Run. He commended the Tamadoge team for the successful completion of the five games. 

So far, the game has seen remarkable growth and adoption among community members. It has over 17,000 monthly active users, 81,000 credits purchased, and over 270,000 $TAMA paid out to players as rewards.

The meme coin is currently focusing on developing a mobile app. This move will help to sustain the project’s growth and enhance its commitment to Web3 games.

Also, Tanadoge created more exposure to the virtual world from the start of the meme coin project. The Tamadoge team developed a metaverse called Tamaverse with the platform’s native NFT store. 

The concept of Tamaverse is based on Tamadoge pets, with inspiration from Tamagochi, a 90s digital game. The game aims to take care of a digital pet.

Users have lots of experiences that keep the excitement bubbling in Tamaverse. They communicate with each other, compete and also buy different items from the NFT store. All the Tamadoge pets are NFTs and could be sold, purchased, traded, or upgraded to receive a competitive edge with TAMA tokens at no transaction tax.

Tamaverse operates with the P2E mechanism, with players receiving rewards of TAMA tokens as they emerge winners. However, the prize fund depends on the trading volume of Tamadoge.

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