Move-to-Earn Crypto Sweeps the Market with $4.9 Million Raised in Presale – How to Buy Early?


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Fight Out is a new Move-to-Earn (M2E) platform that allows users to learn from professional athletes, earn badges and rewards from participating in fitness challenges and compete in the metaverse. The fitness platform tracks users’ activities and their steps, a feature that distinguishes it from other M2E projects. 

With Fight Out, users get unique content, real-life events, and metaverse experience.  Fight Out also intends to bring fun into the fitness space by making workouts more like games in order for individuals to view their exercises from a different perspective and find them more enjoyable. 

Fight Out – One-of-a-kind Web3 Fitness App

The team behind Fight Out is developing an ecosystem that will disrupt the Web3 fitness space. It is designed to motivate users to stick to their workout schedules by rewarding them with cryptocurrency. Something that other M2E platforms like Step App, STEPN, and Sweat Economy have already achieved, to some extent. 

These platforms encourage users to exercise by rewarding them with tokens for their GPS-tracked movements. However, Fight Out stands out as it takes an all-encompassing approach to monitor workouts, allowing users to earn rewards for various kinds of exercises other than running and walking, and doesn’t demand any expensive investment to participate.

Fight Out will use in-gym sensors, wearable technology and mobile phone apps to track all types of fitness activities. The platform will also provide live and on-demand fitness classes that may be taken online or at Fight Out gyms.

The ongoing presale is intended to raise funds for the development of a masterclass-style content platform with Web3 aspects, and also to build a real/physical gym content studio for high-quality content tailored to mixed martial arts (MMA) fans. 

The physical gyms will be built in strategic areas across the world, and the team is in talks with trainers and professional fighters to serve as brand ambassadors and offer trading materials for the masterclasses. 

The masterclass-style modules will contain a wide range of fitness content from standard weight lifting and bodyweight exercises to high-octane High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training and Brazilian Jiujitsu, and more. As earlier mentioned, fitness challenges that reward people for training hard and going through great physical transformations lie at the heart of these exercises.

And unlike standard fitness apps that could be finessed by owning the most crypto – Fight Out has a simpler and stricter approach, “If you want to earn, you got to train for it”. This aspect flows through the project’s roadmap.

FGHT Token – The Best Performing M2E Crypto In Presale

FGHT is the native token of the Fight Out M2E ecosystem and the currency of its metaverse. It is a limited supply token that will be used to pay for entry fees and gain access to price pools in order to compete in leagues, tournaments, and special game modes. 

FGHT will also be used in peer-to-peer (P2P) wagers (with friends or through Fight Out’s smart-matching engine) on high-profile contests. 

The token is currently in presale with the team behind the project having raised $4.96 million so far. In order to attract more early investors, Fight Out has unveiled a revised incentive program during its high-potential presale, increasing the potential bonus for those who buy early.

Fight Out Presale Bonus Structure


Investors can get bonuses depending on the level of investment and vesting period selected. Add bonus percentages together to get the total bonus. Bonus starts when you buy at least $500 worth of FGHT tokens, where you get a 10% bonus. The highest bonus you can get is 67% which you can get if you buy at least $50,000 worth of FGHT (25%) and vest it for a period of 36 months (42%).

Note that there is no vesting sales option, meaning the mandatory vesting requirement has recently been removed allowing buyers to vest tokens from 0-36 months for additional bonuses. Bonuses will be paid in extra $FGHT tokens once the presale is over.

CEX Listing and How To Buy Fight Out

One can see the confidence that developers have in this project from the fact that they have already decided on the listing date and the presale end date.

The FGHT presale is set to end on March 31st with the first CEX listing expected to take place on April 5th. The initial listing price is set at 0.033 USDT.

FGHT will be listed on  DigiFinex, BKEX Global, LBAnk, BitForex, Changelly Pro and Uniswap. All these centralized and decentralized exchanges have expressed interest in the project and have previously indicated they will list the token. However, precise listing dates and times are yet to be announced.

Fight Out token’s current price is $0.02343. So, going to the official website and investing in this project now will surely bring you almost 50% gains on the listing date. Now is the best time to purchase FGHT tokens before their value increases further. 

To buy FGHT early before the price increases, follow these steps:

Visit the official Fight Out website.
Connect your wallet
Swap ETH or USDT for FGHT tokens

If you are a fiat user, you can also invest in FGHT by buying ETH with a card using Transak.

Find more information on how to buy FGHT token here.

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