Cronos (CRO), Polygon (MATIC) and Metacade (MCADE)


Making an altcoin price prediction for 2030 is an almost impossible task. Many experts don’t know where the crypto market will even be next year, which makes any long-term predictions particularly challenging. 

However, the success of a project can be determined by its utility. And three projects that have great utility are Cronos (CRO), Polygon (MATIC), and Metacade (MCADE). Each has the potential to revolutionize an industry and change the way people interact with Web3. Here’s what the altcoin price prediction for each could be in 2030. 

What is Metacade? 

Metacade is setting itself up to be a gaming-centered platform, aiming to bring together developers, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts to collaborate and create new ideas in the world of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it will offer users a unique community hub where they can play games, interact with others in real-time, and be rewarded for their contributions with the native $MCADE token.

One of the key features of Metacade is the Metagrants fund, which will allow developers to submit proposals for game development and receive funding if their proposal is voted the best by $MCADE holders. This innovative initiative is set to launch in 2023 and will help drive the growth and development of the platform.

In 2024, Metacade will also launch a job board as part of the Work2Earn initiative. This feature will provide users with access to gigs, internships, and jobs in the gaming industry and beyond, giving them the opportunity to connect with top employers.

To further boost income and ensure that each area of the platform runs smoothly, Metacade has implemented a staking mechanism that rewards community members for their participation and contributions. This innovative approach helps to build a community where everyone can benefit and profit.

As the platform grows and evolves, Metacade has set its sights on becoming a fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in 2024. This ambitious goal will see the platform transition into a DAO and achieve DAO governance, putting the power firmly in the hands of the community.

How does $MCADE work?

$MCADE is Metacade’s governance and utility token. It’s built on the Ethereum network and is used for prize draws, tournament rewards, and payments within the ecosystem. It’s also used to reward those who contribute to the platform. 

$MCADE is being sold over 9 presale stages, in which 70% of the token supply will be available. The remaining tokens will be split as follows:

12.5% marketing and CEX listings 
10% development team
5% DEX liquidity provision 
2.5% competition rewards

Metacade (MCADE) Price Prediction For 2030

Metacade is currently priced at $0.01 in its 1st stage presale round and will reach $0.02 by the end of presale stage 9. By 2025, it could become a household name, rising to a forecast high of $2 while pioneering the future of Web3 gaming. This would make it a strong investment compared to other altcoin price predictions for 2023.

During the first four weeks of its presale, Metacade raised almost $1.25 million, setting it up for long-term success. With the project looking realistic in delivering its achievable roadmap, Metacade could easily reach highs of $25 by the end of 2030.

Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction For 2030

One great altcoin price prediction is Polygon. Polygon (MATIC) is a DeFi project designed to improve the scalability of Ethereum. It lets developers build scalable, user-friendly decentralized apps (dApps), with low transaction fees and the highest level of security. 

To achieve this, Polygon combines the best features of Ethereum with sovereign blockchains to create a full-fledged multi-chain system. By combining these features, Polygon ensures dApps can fully benefit from the Ethereum network whilst being secure, open, and more powerful. 

Polygon’s token, MATIC, has experienced a 58.69% decrease in price over the past 12 months and is currently valued at $0.864. Analysts predict MATIC could increase to $12.34 by 2030, however many are skeptical about this rise. 

Cronos (CRO) Price Prediction For 2030

Another positive-looking altcoin price prediction is Cronos. Cronos is a decentralized, open-source public blockchain designed to be energy efficient while guaranteeing high transaction speeds at a low cost. The aim of the project is to support the creator economy, working as the foundational infrastructure for DeFi and GameFi, and, eventually, an open metaverse. 

Its native token, CRO, is used for trading on, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. It is used for transactions throughout the platform and can also be purchased on other exchanges. 

CRO is currently worth $0.06107, down 88.66% in the last 12 months alone. Analysts suggest that CRO could increase to $5.94 by 2030, however, given the recent exchange scandals, many investors are wary about buying cryptocurrencies linked to an exchange. As a result, this number may not be as high as first predicted. 

Conclusion – Metacade Looks Set to Climb

In conclusion, all three of the altcoins mentioned in this article – Cronos (CRO), Polygon (MATIC), and Metacade (MCADE) – are possible investments with the potential to revolutionize their respective industries, with investor sentiment having a great effect on their price predictions.

However, based on its utility as a gaming platform, strong token performance during its presale, and ambitious roadmap, it appears that Metacade (MCADE) is the clear winner. It has the potential to reach highs of $25 by the end of 2030, making it a stronger investment than many altcoin price predictions for 2023 and one that should be closely watched in the weeks ahead.

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You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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