Calvaria Reaches $2.5 Million In Presale – Don’t Miss This Top Crypto Gainer!


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Calvaria is another presale hit in the making that has exceeded expectations. Within a span of a few weeks, this token has raised upwards of $2.5 million. This game-centric cryptocurrency has become a top crypto gainer because of its unique use case that can drive up the blockchain gaming adoption rate. If you’re interested in getting in early, visit to get started.

Why Calvaria is Enticing The Presale Crowd So Much?

2022 has been a mixed bag for cryptocurrencies. Financially, the market has been a nightmare because of the recent FTX debacle. However, the bearish scenario thus created has moved developers to focus on truly innovative cryptocurrencies. People now want to focus on assets that have a real future, cryptocurrencies with real utilities, and long-term upsides.

Calvaria is just one of many assets that come under this category. Not only does it have a game-forward approach to gaming, but Calvaria also features gamified DeFi – something that can drive up the blockchain adoption rate to the maximum. This P2E crypto tackles the following factors holding blockchain gaming from gaining popularity among the non-crypto crowd.

High Entry Point

Most card-based P2E games have an economy-centric approach; you need money to make money. What we mean by that is that even to start playing the game, you must spend a lot on buying NFTs. For instance, Axie Infinity requires players to buy Axis from the OpenSea marketplace. At the time of writing, the most AXS is 0.055ETH, which is equivalent to $65 – and this is the price of only one AXS. Axie Infinity players know that they need more cards with better attributes if they have any chance of winning. That creates a barrier for those who want to interact with Axie.

Unsustainable Economies

Most P2E games have an unsustainable economy. They rely on their ecosystem to generate wealth. While the idea is there, the implementation is absent. That leads value of the rewards offered to play these games dropping massively. SLP (Smooth Love Potion) experienced a massive price drop because the generation of tokens from within the AXS ecosystem went into overdrive after more players started to come in. That led to the SLP token entering the hyperinflationary stage. It increased the SLP supply drastically, but the demand began to dwindle. As a result, the value of the SLP token dropped massively.

Mediocre Gameplay

Most blockchain games don’t focus on gameplay but focus on earning mechanics. While nothing is inherently wrong with that, it alienates the one crowd that such games must cater to – gamers. Most blockchain games are ideal, and games that have a gameplay mechanic are mediocre at best. The gaming crowd doesn’t like to be sidelined, which has a great impact on the P2E adoption rate.

Games Should be For Gamers – Calvaria’s answer to these issues

“Blockchain games must cater to gamers as much as crypto enthusiasts.” – that is the approach Calvaria has adopted. Taking inspiration from the biggest hits like Hearthstone and Gwent, Calvaria is creating a strategic game that’s accessible to all.

F2P and P2E Mode

These two modes are what Calvaria uses to drive up the blockchain gaming adoption rate. F2P (Free to Play) mode allows anyone to access the game for free. All the gameplay features of Calvaria, including upgrades and special abilities, are accessible to everyone. In F2P mode, Calvaria’s cards act as standard gameplay assets.

Once the players have tried the F2P games and won a battle against bots, they can switch to P2E mode. The Play-to-Earn mode turns every card into an NFT and every deck into a unique NFT collection. In this mode, players will battle against other players, pitting their deck against theirs and using strategies to win. Winners will receive eRIA from the Calvaria ecosystem – the reward token of Calvaria.

Gamified Earning Mechanics

Players can stake their Earned-RIA (eRIA) tokens in the gamified staking pools and get RIA – the native crypto of the Calvaria ecosystem – in return. RIA tokens can be used to buy NFTs or other goodies from the Calvaria marketplace. The cards used for battle are NFTs, and so are the different attributes for those cards. However, the Calvaria marketplace is also home to a limited number of non-NFT and non-Digital assets that will be revealed once the project moves further along its roadmap.

And like all other crypto assets, RIA can also be sold on exchanges – centralized or decentralized – to make monetary gains.

eRIA is staked to get RIA. RIA is used to buy cards and upgrades; the upgrades are installed on the cards, the cards are used for gameplay, gameplay leads to wins, and wins lead to earning eRIA – it creates a circular economy within the Calvaria ecosystem. It is sustainable, promotes scarcity of RIA tokens, and gives it more value than a traditional cryptocurrency. It is one of the many reasons Calvaria has started to make rounds in the crypto space, and the presale phase is becoming more successful by the day.

Calvaria Price Prediction – How Much Upside Does This Token have?

The profit potential of this P2E project is high once the presale concludes. The token generation event after the presale will trigger the listing event, and Calvaria will likely be listed on Uniswap. Calvaria’s partnership with and KuCoin for its initial node offering will also boost the Calvaria price.

The token generation event will last for 62 months, promoting Calvaria’s scarcity in the market and giving another push to its price. Experts say that by 2024, Calvaria has the potential to go up to $0.3; check out our Calvaria price prediction for further details.

Calvaria Reaches $2.5 Million in The Presale Round – Becomes Top Crypto Gainer

Calvaria is near the end of its presale’s fifth phase (81% done) and has raised more than $2.5 million. There are 10 phases of this presale, and here is the table that shows how much Calvaria will be worth in subsequent stages.

Presale stage 
RIA Price

Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8

Stage 9

Stage 10

You can buy Calvaria now at a discount price of $0.03 per token. The Calvaria price will increase to $0.035 in the next stage and lower your profit margin if you miss out on buying Calvaria at this stage. We recommend visiting the official website and buying this token today.

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