Burn Kenny Coin Presale Nearly Sold Out – Less Than $100k Left, Secure 2023’s Best Meme Coin Now Before it Explodes

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Friday, 21st of July – Meme coin degens have a unique opportunity to get in early on what could be one of 2023’s hottest meme coin launches.

Brand new South Park-themed meme project Burn Kenny Coin is currently conducting a viral presale of its $KENNY token that values the token at a market cap of less than $1 million when planned token burns are taken into account.

Small-cap gem hunters have been piling in to secure their bag, with the project having raised nearly $400,000 in less than 24 hours.

That means there is only $100,000 to go in the presale before it is sold out.

The team has also let it be known that the liquidity pool has been set aside. Also, as the website notes, liquidity will be locked for three months when trading begins, underscoring the project’s legitimacy and guarding against the possibility of a rug pull.

After that, the only way to secure $KENNY tokens is at a potentially elevated price on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) at the launch next week.

Burn Kenny Coin is a new meme coin based on the running South Park gag of character Kenny’s multiple untimely deaths (“OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY!”).

In presales like Burn Kenny Coin’s, the last $100,000 tends to sell out quickly as FOMO kicks in, so meme coin degens have no time to lose if they want to get hold of one of the meme coin market’s most promising investment opportunities.

Head over to the Burn Kenny website now, where you can click through to become a follower of the Twitter account and join the Telegram channel, so you will be first to know when the presale ends and about the imminent DEX launch. 

Visit Burn Kenny Coin Here

$KENNY FOMO is Building 

Community is critical to the success of any new meme coin project.

A meme coin must generate sufficient hype to attract a solid and engaged base of supporters to stand a chance of pumping.

And Burn Kenny Coin has been crushing it on this front.

The hype surrounding Burn Kenny Coin on social media and across the crypto space has been surging since the presale launch on Thursday.

Burn Kenny Coin’s Twitter already has over 2,000 highly engaged followers, while its Telegram group will soon hit 1,000.

Meanwhile, Burn Kenny Coin is featuring prominently across the crypto media landscape. Websites such as Cointelegraph, CryptoPotato, CoinGape, Finbold and Cryptonews.com, and dozens more have covered the token in multiple languages.

And dozens of widely followed and respected crypto influencers are touting the coin’s potential, including two experts who predict big gains for $KENNY here and here.

Burn Kenny even featured on CoinGecko’s main page.

How has Burn Kenny Coin achieved such remarkable success in building a community and getting word about the project out there?

Because the token is backed by the same experienced marketing team that brought us Mr Hankey Coin ($HANKEY), Thug Life Token ($THUG), and SpongeBob ($SPONGE), all of them were able to generate significant traction after launching, and post gains of 3-100x.

Given the team’s track record in delivering impressive meme coin pumps, there is a strong likelihood of $KENNY achieving at least 3x gains.

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Here are 4 Reasons Why the $KENNY Price Will Pump

Burn Kenny Coin’s excellent marketing team isn’t the only reason why the token is highly likely to see a big pump.

Thanks to its limited presale availability, low presale valuation, and excellent tokenomics, Burn Kenny has all the attributes of a meme coin set to explode.

Let’s examine the token in more detail.

1) Limited Presale Window

The limited availability of $KENNY in presale (just $500,000 worth of the token), coupled with the breathtaking pace at which the presale is selling, suggests that once the presale is over, plenty of pent-up demand and FOMO will be sustained into the DEX launch.

2) Burn Kenny is a Low Cap Gem With Plenty of Room for Growth

The Burn Kenny Coin presale values $KENNY at a tiny market cap of just $1.25 million – making it a true low-cap gem.

When a project has a very low market cap, like Burn Kenny, this leaves plenty of room for explosive upside for early investors.

And meme coin degens have a unique opportunity to be one of those early investors.

3) $KENNY is Deflationary – The Value of Your Coins Will Grow as the Burn Kicks in

Recent success story Mr Hankey Coin raised $500,000 in a presale that valued its coin at $1.25 million.

But Burn Kenny Coin is going one step further than Mr Hankey Coin did to bring value to the investor.

In-fitting with its name, Burn Kenny Coin has an in-built burn mechanism designed to create deflation and lift the $KENNY price over time. To achieve this, 30% of the token supply has been set aside for future token burns.

Unlike many deflationary token designs that burn, sometimes intermittently, over long periods, Burn Kenny Coin takes a different and probably more profitable one for its coin buyers and holders – the burn mechanism kicks in 24 hours after the DEX listing and lasts for just three days. 

When you consider that the team will burn 30% of the token supply, the actual market cap of the coin at its presale price is around $875,000, making the token even more of a low-cap gem.

4) 30% Allocated to Three-Month DEX Liquidity Lock

The remaining 30% of the $KENNY supply is dedicated to decentralized exchange (DEX) liquidity.

That’s important because, in the absence of plentiful liquidity, meme coin degens often face the hurdle of inefficient buying and selling and significant potential losses due to price slippage.

Significantly, Burn Kenny Coin’s team has also pledged to lock this liquidity for three months, ensuring that there is no rug pull.

Allocating a large percentage of a new meme token’s supply to a DEX liquidity lock is a rare move in the scam-ridden meme coin space and should help bolster confidence in the project.

Get $KENNY Before Its Too Late

With only $100,000 worth of $KENNY tokens still up for grabs, it would only take a few whales to make big purchases for the presale to sell out completely.

Meme coin degens should get in quickly to secure $KENNY at its most favorable price.

To buy $KENNY in presale, you will need Ethereum.

Connect your wallet to buy the tokens directly on the Burn Kenny Coin website. Return to the site and claim your tokens after the presale has concluded.

Buy $KENNY before the rest of the crypto space catches on, and you could land 10x gains.

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.


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