Axie partners with GeeTest to preserve crypto security


Leading play and earn gaming provider Axie Infinity and GeeTest CAPTCHA have partnered to sustain crypto assets security and combat mass online bot threats while improving the user experience, Coin Journal learned from a press release. 

The first NFT series to reach $4b in sales 

The blockchain-based game Axie Infinity rewards players with crypto. It has onboarded millions of users in Web3 and was the first NFT series to reach a sales volume of $4 billion. 

The blockchain ecosystem is flourishing, building on the success of Axie Infinity. However, it isn’t without its problems. Among them is a rapidly increasing number of online fraud threats. 

Bringing advanced biometric data 

GeeTest plays a crucial role in mitigating bot attacks and preserving crypto exchange security. The platform is committed to bringing AI-powered bot control tech and advanced biometric data to the global market. 

Among the platform’s clients are Nike, HUAWEI, Airbnb, distill, and Imperva. It has almost 350,000 enterprise customers worldwide and is the market leader in APAC and services.

GeeTest has accomplished full coverage in the blockchain industry. More than a fifth of the Top 50 crypto exchanges have chosen GeeTest as their partner to combat fraud attacks, including Binance,, FTX, Poloniex, etc.

Sky Mavis’ security team commented:

Before GeeTest, we used Google reCAPTCHA but had issues getting it to support all devices. Sometimes the CAPTCHA would not load on client devices, preventing them from logging in. GeeTest has resolved this issue while preventing mass bot signup.

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